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Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC's) are contaminants that may be found in r supplies across the nation. VOC's are those organic chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals) that are "readily vaporizable at a relatively low temperature" With no visible characteristics, smell, or taste, VOC's are virtually undetectable in r by the consumer. VOC's are often toxic and pose intimidating health risks. Almost every region in the U.S. has VOC's in the water supplies. Urban areas may get VOC's from industrialization, and rural areas may get VOC's from agriculture. Also, 90% of U.S. r is chlorinated (and most likely contains disinfectant by-products); thus, VOC's are practically everywhere. In a recent study by the Environmental Working Group, 28 of 29 cities tested were found to have herbicides or pesticides in their tap water. Read it all
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Hubble Space Photos, Landscapes, Animals, Art Photos AND Renaissance Art Masters. See cool Science and Space links at the bottom of the photo links list, after the explanation of stellar evolution.The links I suggest are to sites owned by other people, not for commercial use. I make new suggestions on a regular basis. There are 1000 photos to look at and save, so come back for more and tell friends.

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The most recently added photo links are here, at top. (Scroll down page to preview. If page stopped loading early from clicking away to see photo, to clear cache, hit refresh and reload.)
Click to see these photos on Photo links page 77.
V838 Light Echo: The Movie.
In the Vicinity of the Cone Nebula.
M106 in Canes Venatici.
Mt. Etna Lava Plumes.
Light Echoes from V838 Mon.
A Lenticular Cloud Over Wyoming.
In the Center of the Trapezium.
Anticrepuscular Rays Over Horseshoe Canyon

.Click to see these photos on Photo links page 76.
Fox Fur, the Unicorn, and a Christmas Tree
Lingering Lunar Eclipse.
Moon Slide Slim.
M42: Wisps of the Orion Nebula.
0313-192: The Wrong Galaxy.
Seyfert's Sextet.
Cold Wind from the Boomerang Nebula.
The Eagle Nebula from CFHT.
Galaxies Cluster Toward the Great Attractor.
BHR 71: Stars, Clouds, and Jets.
Orion's Horsehead Nebula.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 75.
Furry Feet - A lovely abstract, playing with eroded clay beds in a a cool light.
Gravity - This spectacular caprock seems to defy gravity.
Manta Ray - One of those magical sea animals that keep challenging my imagination.
Jewel Rock - Cleanly polished rock, served on a bed of sandstone.
Gnomes Rising - These whimsical gnomes are just waking up from a cold night.
Auroral Rocket Launch.
Launch of the Sun Pillar.
Full Moon, Lake, and Leonids Indeed.
To Fly Free in Space.
The Milky Way Over the French Alps.
A Force from Empty Space: The Casimir Effect.
Halo of the Cat's Eye.
Colorful Light Pillars.
The Pelican in the Swan.
Hoodoo Central.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 74.
Red Sunset & Oak.
Tuscan Ridge Sunset.
A Cerro Tololo Sky.
Colorful Clouds of Orion.
The Mysterious Voynich Manuscript.
The View from Everest.
Star-Forming Region RCW38 from 2MASS.
Hoag's Object: A Strange Ring Galaxy.
Orion Nebulosities.
0313-192: The Wrong Galaxy.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 73.
California Gold.
California Green.
Lenticular Sky.
Abandoned Almond Trees
Blue Oak in the Sutter Buttes.
JW Ranch.
A Chamaeleon Sky.
Galaxy NGC 4388 Expels Huge Gas Cloud.
The Fox Fur Nebula.
Cracks and Ridges on Europa.
East of the Lagoon Nebula.
Love and War by Moonlight.
The Old Moon in the New Moon's Arms.
Click to see these photos on Photo links page 72.
N44C: A Nebular Mystery.
NGC 4676: When Mice Collide.
Planets Over Stonehenge.
Cone Nebula Close-Up.
Arp 188 and the Tadpole's Tidal Tail.
In the Center of the Omega Nebula.
The Snake Nebula from CFHT.
Ikeya-Zhang: Comet Over Colorado.
Asteroids That May Hit Earth.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 71.
NGC 4414: A Flocculent Spiral Galaxy.
Looking Into an Io Volcano.
Methane Earth.
Columbia Dawn.
Volcano and Aurora in Iceland.
Moonrise Over Seattle.
Sun Halo at Winter Solstice.
Blue Flash.
The Doll House.
Starlight Reflections.
Himalayan Horizon From Space.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 70.
Sharpless 212 in Hydrogen and Sulfur.
NGC 7023: The Iris Nebula.
Tent Rocks - Some uniquely eroded shapes.
AE Aurigae: The Flaming Star.
Dueling Auroras.
The Gnome - Stone Hoodoo.
Extra-Solar Planetary Atmosphere Detected.
The Window.
Blade Rock, Winter.
The Galactic Ring of NGC 6782.
Halloween and the Ghost Head Nebula.
Anticrepuscular Rays Over Colorado.
Spinning Black Holes and MCG-6-30-15.
Elements in the Aftermath.
Pluto: New Horizons Painting.
Yukon Aurora.
Southwest Andromeda.
Cold Dust in the Eagle Nebula.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 69.
Sharpless 212 in Hydrogen and Sulfur.
NGC 7023: The Iris Nebula.
Tent Rocks - Some uniquely eroded shapes.
AE Aurigae: The Flaming Star.
Dueling Auroras.
The Gnome - Stone Hoodoo.
Extra-Solar Planetary Atmosphere Detected.
The Window.
Blade Rock, Winter.
The Galactic Ring of NGC 6782.
Halloween and the Ghost Head Nebula.
Anticrepuscular Rays Over Colorado.
Spinning Black Holes and MCG-6-30-15.
Elements in the Aftermath.
Pluto: New Horizons Painting.
Yukon Aurora.
Southwest Andromeda.
Cold Dust in the Eagle Nebula.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 68.
U.3C175: Quasar Cannon.
The Making of the Rotten Egg Nebula.
AFGL 2591: A Massive Star Acts Up.
Star Cluster R136 Bursts Out.
The Slap.
(NGC 1850: Not Found in the Milky Way.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 67.
The Galactic Center in Infrared.
Powder Keg BMW Films.
360° Tour - Beside Soufrière Bay Dominica, Caribbean.
Moonlight, Mars, and Milky Way.
Moses vs. Godzilla.
360° Tour Seward's Small Boat Harbor Seward, Alaska.
Messiers and Mars.
360° Tour Banff's emerald beauty Lake Louise, Canada.
Film Club.
Close-up of the Face on Mars.
360° Tour Chicago's Museum Campus Chicago, Illinois.
Sentinels of the Palouse.
Saturn The Giant.
360° Tour Paradise on Flatts Inlet Flatts, Bermuda.
"The Follow."

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 66.
Flowering Crabapple Tree.
360° Tour Dam Square Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Chosen - Ang Lee.
Spirals On Edge.
360° Tour Along Portland's riverfront Portland, Oregon.
One Hundred-Kilometer Terrain on Venus.
360° Tour Paseo del Rio (River Walk) San Antonio, Texas.
The Revenge of the Red Balloon.
Garden of the Gods.
360° Tour Red Square Red Square, Moscow.
Go Sick: Freakboys.
Red Mountain.
360° Tour Inside the White House Washington, D.C.
Go SICK: Bad Ass Meter Maid (Parking Violations).
Approaching the International Space Station.
360° Tour Waikiki Beach Honolulu, Hawaii.
Go SICK: Bad Ass Meter Maid (Pedestrian Violations).

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 65.
Visitors' Galaxy Gallery
360° Tour Prague's Old Town Square Czech Republic.
Hai.(Shark - "Waiter, there's a shark in my coffee")
NGC 2264: Stars, Dust, and Gas.
360° Tour Florentine skyline Florence, Italy.
Se Wars.
Space Shuttle Lifts Off for Space Station.
360° Tour Uluru (Ayers Rock) Outback Australia.
Star Trak.
Last of the Storm, Crested Butte.
A Higher Dimensional Universe?
360° Tour Mayan city ruins Tikal, Guatemala.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 64.
Aspen Grove near Independence Pass.
360° Tour Along the River Thames London, England.
My Atom Films Recommendation "Baby Steps".
Aspens Near Potato Lake.
360° Tour of Mona Lisa Louvre Museum, Paris.
STS-1: First Shuttle Launch.
360° Tour Cafés of Montmartre Paris, France.
Large Sunspot Group AR 9393.
360° Tour Anasazi "great house" Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.
M51: The Whirlpool Galaxy in Dust and Stars.
60° Tour In the Rocket Garden Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.
On the Origin of Gold Drawing.
360° Tour - View from Glacier Point Yosemite N.P., California.
Aurora Over Clouds In Arizona..
360° Tour Bourbon Street New Orleans, Louisiana.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 63.
Equinox + 1.
360° Tour Western Wall Jerusalem, Israel.
Aurora Alaskan Style.
360 Degree Tour of The Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Valle dei templi Agrigento.
360 Degree Tour of Süleymaniye Mosque Istanbul, Turkey.
Spanish Moss in a forest in southern Texas.
360 Degree Tour Of Colossal ruin - Rome.
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.
360 Degree Tour Of Stonehenge.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 62.
Discovery Launch at Spring Dawn.
Cardinal on a snowy branch.
360° Tour of The Grand Palace Bangkok.
Newport Beach Sunset.
Taj Mahal.
Taj Mahal - Agra India - 360 degree movie.
A Sun Pillar.
View from Brocade Hill Guilin, China - 360 degree movie.
The first manned flight in history: December 17, 1903.
Machu Picchu in Peru - 360 degree movie.
Great blue heron was taken in Everglades National Park.
This butterfly was taken at Butterfly World in Coconut Creek.
An eagle from the eastern shore of Maryland.
The magnificent trees of the rainforest area of Olympic National Park.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 61.
A Space Station Meets its Destiny.
The Sudbury Neutrino Detector.
Mt. Rundle at dawn.
Barred Owl.
Jumbo Rocks at Joshua Tree National Park.
Star Forming Region S106.
American Purple Gallinule.
Star Forming Region Hubble-X.
Mountains Recede Into Sunset.
Rainier Shines Through Morning Fog.
NEAR Spacecraft Survives Landing on Asteroid Eros.
Near-Shoemaker Views Eros.
Nashville Four Planet Skyline.
Planetary Nebula Mz3: The Ant Nebula.
Click to see these photos Click to see these photos on Photo links page 60.
All-Sky Panorama.
Jupiter's Brain.
The Orion Nebula from VLT.
Towering Forest in the Fog.
An Airplane in Front of the Sun.
Fallen Log and Snake Grass.
St. Mary Lake Sunset, Glacier Nat'l Park.
Evening Light on Ocean and Rocks.
Spherical Planetary Nebula Abell 39.
Yellow Tulip in a Sea of Red.
Cascading Creek in Olympic Forest.
First Light on Mount Rainier.
X-rays From The Cat's Eye.
Watch the Sky Rotate.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 59.
A Cosmic Call to Nearby Stars.
Cragg Prong Waterfalls.
The Millennium that Defines Universe.
House in the Afternoon Sun.
Clogher Strand, Dingle Peninsula, Eire.
A road through the woods.
Suns rays on a trail in the woods.
Star Trails behind the Methodist Church.
Dawn on the Ridge.
A Close-Up of Aurora on Jupiter.
Manicouagan Impact Crater on Earth.
Storm Coming in the Ghost town of Bodie.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 58.
Moonset Reflections
Paint Mines.
Composing the Omega Nebula.
Apollo 17 Lunarscape: A Magnificent Desolation.
Earth's San Andreas Fault.
Towering Aspen trees during Autumn.
The Circinus Galaxy.
Aspen Grove.
Fog Amidst Pine.
Kauai beach and beautiful movie excursion of the landscape of Kauai.
Palomar 13's Last Stand.
Waterfall on the North Fork.
The Orion Nebula in Hydrogen.
Fire on Earth.
Marigold Dreams.
Pikes Peak Sunrise Reflections.
Cathedral Rock Reflections.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 57.
Turquoise on Blue Lake.
Snowcapped Mountain Fish Creek, Anza Borrego Desert State Park.
Disorder in Stephan's Quintet.
Heaven on Earth - Our Milky Way Galaxy.
Dark Fantasy Obsidian Butte, Southern Salton Sea, CA
The Nebula And The Neutron Star.
Andromeda Island Universe.
Mud Pot Near Niland, Salton Sea, CA.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 56.
The Space Station Docking Ring.
Earth's Richat Structure.
Dust and Gas Surrounding Star R Coronae Australis.
N81: Star Cradle in the SMC.
Dusk on Mount Shasta Lower Klamath.
September Sky - Star clusters, planets, and a red giant.
Heating Coronal Loops and Space Movies.
Leaf and Spider - Close-ups of Summer in Norway.

  Click to see these photos on Photo links page 55.
Mazarin blue butterfly.
California Poppies and Sky Livermore, CA.
Gangly Spiral Galaxy NGC 3184.
M17: Omega Nebula Star Factory.
Mono Lake Mono Lake State Reserve, CA.
Oaks in Spring Mount Diablo State Park, CA.
Indian Swamp Yosemite National Park, CA.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 54.
Egret Taking off in the Rain Fremont, CA.
White Sands Dunes eerie landscape at twilight.
Intrusion on the Great Sand Dunes early in the morning.
Lone blooming yucca - White Sands Nat'l Monument.
C 418: The Spirograph Nebula.
Koan- Sand Dunes of the Southwest.
Heart of the dunes - far inside the Great Sand Dunes.
Aurora and a faint Perseid meteor above Cross Lake.
The Coral Pink Sand Dunes, southeast of Zion Nat'l Park.
Great Sand Dunes panorama.
The Brown Dwarfs of Orion's Trapezium.
Orion's Horsehead Nebula.
The Helix Nebula from CFHT.
Mir Dreams.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 53.
First Light.
NGC 6960: The Witch's Broom Nebula.
A Perseid Aurora over Colorado.
X-Rays From Antennae Galaxies.
Mount Megantic Magnetic Storm.
Unusual Giant Galaxy NGC 1316.
Fungi, Mushrooms.
Cape Schank - Australia.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 52.
Desert Vista Organ Pipe Cactus, - National Monument, AZ.
A Perseid Meteor .
Colorful close-up of a plant.
Other Worlds and HD 38529.
A Solar Filament Lifts Off.
Snoqualmie Falls Rainbow.
Rainbow, Highway 138.
Lightning Stroke.
The Galactic Center Across the Infrared.
Mt. Lemmon Sunrise Catalina Highway, above Tucson, AZ.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 51.
Sea Anenome, Guam, Underwater.
Signal Hill Petroglyphs - Saguaro National Park, AZ.
Grand Cayman - Underwater.
Red Sky Panoramic Saguaro National Park, AZ.
Mail slot in wood door.
Lone Saguaro Silhouette Saguaro National Park, AZ.
Monarch Butterfly.
AR9077: Solar Magnetic Arcade.
Setting Sun and Silhouetted Saguaro.
Lupine on Ridge.
The Crab Nebula in Blue and White.
Lupine close-up.
Lions Head Peak.
A Jet from Galaxy.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 50.
The Galactic Center Across the Infrared.
Pelican Nebula Ionization Front.
Desert Paintbrush & Lupine.
Little Lake in the Beaverhead Mountains.
Bitterfoot Range in the Beaverhead Mountains.
Dead Limber Pine - A lone tree stands sentinel.
Bear Hat Mountain Reflection.
M63: The Sunflower Galaxy.
Lemhi Pass - Sunset as seen from the Continental Divide.
Solstice Celebration - Brightly colored image of the active Sun.
Ganymede: The Largest Moon in the Solar System.
Hope Lake.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 49.
Waterfall - on the Continental Divide in the Centennial Mountains.
Limber Pine Stump - crest of the Divide near Bannock Pass.
Sunrise and low-lying clouds in the Boulder Mountains.
Moon & Fog - the Mount Haggin Wildlife Management Area.
The Carina Nebula in Infrared.
Devils Club Berry Cascade Mountains, WA.
M101: An Ultraviolet View.
Vela Pulsar: Neutron Star-Ring-Jet
Active Regions, CMEs, and X-Class Flares.
In the Heart of the Crab.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 48.
Douglas-fir Sapling with Dew North Cascade Mountains, WA.
Waterfalls In The Woods.
Solar Sail.
Blue Lake and Rock North Cascade Mountains, WA.
Pleiades, Planets, And Hot Plasma.
Light Bridges on the Sun.
Moss-draped Trees and Eagle Creek -Columbia Gorge, Oregon.
Bleeding Hearts.
An Aurora Before the Storm.
A Halo Around the Moon.
Lakeshore Scene.
Silver Firs Silver Lake, WA.
Dog-Bone Shaped Asteroid 216 Kleopatra.
Kamoamoa Nomoa.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 47.
When Galaxies Overlap.
Approaching Storm - Delicate Arch Arches National Park, UT.
Lava Masquerade - The lava flow falling from a sea-cliff.
Synthesis - Time exposure of lava entering the ocean.
Spatter Cone - A newly formed spatter cone erupting.
Planets In The Sun.
Planets Above The Clouds.
An Iridium Flash Sunset.
Lost Horizon.
The North America Nebula.
Dusk Glow - A close-up shot of fingers of lava entering the Pacific Ocean.
Hawaii Volcanoes - G. Brad Lewis - PhotoTripUSA.
Filaments In The Cygnus Loop.
Reflection Nebula M78 .

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 46.
Limu O Pele - lava bubble.
Vapor Spout.
Blue Marble 2000.
Lava River.
Lava from Kilauea Volcano.
Sunset - Ruby Beach Olympic National Park, WA.
Supernova Remnant E0102-72 from Radio to X-Ray.
Aurora in Red and Yellow.
Sand Dunes Death Valley National Park, CA.
Celebrating Hubble With NGC 6751.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 45.
Canyonlands from Dead Horse Point Canyonlands National Park, UT.
The M7 Open Star Cluster in Scorpius.
Colorful Hoodoos Bryce Canyon National Park, UT.
A Twisted Solar Eruptive Prominence.
A Superwind from the Cigar Galaxy.
Free-Floating Planets In Orion.
Saturn-Sized Worlds Discovered.
Bryce Canyon from Inspiration Point Bryce Canyon National Park, UT.
Clearing Winter Storm - El Capitan Yosemite National Park, CA.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 44.
Mercury on the Horizon.
Apollo 16: Exploring Plum Crater.
A Wind From The Sun.
Martian Dust Devil Trails
A Panorama of Oddities in Orion A.
Crown Point - Classic view of the Columbia River Gorge.
Supernova 1994D and the Unexpected Universe.
Sun Storm: A Coronal Mass Ejection.
Saturn At Night.
The Pipe Dark Nebula.
Zal Patera on Jupiter's Moon Io.
Nearer To Asteroid Eros .
Dust Storm on Planet Earth.
NGC 1999: Reflection Nebula in Orion.
M13: The Great Globular Cluster in Hercules.
Julius Caesar and Leap Days.
The Sombrero Galaxy from VLT.
Impact: 65 Million Years Ago.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 43.
Howdy Neighbor! Neighboring Galaxy The Large Magellanic Cloud
The Virgo Cluster of Galaxies.
New Shocks For Supernova 1987A.
Neptune through Adaptive Optics.
Fairy Falls.
M106: A Spiral Galaxy with a Strange Core.
Valentine's Lilies.
Buffalo Grass And Quartz Mountain.
Big Beach on Maui, near Mekena, facing North.
The Fight of the Billionium - Galaxy Wars: M81 Versus M82
Clouds In The Sky.
Einstein Memorial.
Indian Blankets, Red Rock Canyon State Park
Waterfall, Red Rock Canyon State Park.
Travertine Creek, Chickasaw National Recreation Area.
Snowstorm on Planet Earth.
Natural Falls State Park.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 42.
Spiral Galaxy In Centaurus.
Early Morning Fog, Beavers Bend State Park.
The Eskimo Nebula from the Newly Fixed Hubble.
Treasure Lake, Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge.
Magnetar In The Sky.
Evening Camp at Waugh Lake.
NGC 7635: The Bubble Nebula.
Monterey Beach Sunset.
Mist and Creek at Sunrise.
A Skygazer's Full Moon.
The Rosette Nebula in Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Sulfur.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 41.
Lone Pine Peak and Alabama Hills.
Earth, Moon, Hubble.
Galaxies Cluster Toward the Great Attractor.
Western Gray Squirrel.
Squirrel with automatic assault weapon and silencer.
Alpenglow on Banner Peak.
An Earth Ornament.
Hubble Holiday Picture.
Unusual Aurora During Solar Wind Dropout.
The Listener.
Under the Spell.
Huddling up for Warmth.
The Cat's Paw Nebula.
M83: The Southern Pinwheel Galaxy from VLT.
Rhea: Saturn's Second Largest Moon.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 40.
1999 Leonid Fireball.
Henize 70: A SuperBubble In The LMC.
Arcs and Jets in Herbig-Haro 34.
Beneath Venus' Clouds.
Dawn of the Mineral World.
Elliptical Galaxy NGC 4881 in Coma.
Lower Proxy Falls, Cascade Mountains.
Mercury And The Sun.
A Sirius Leonid Meteor.
A RADARSAT Map of Antarctica.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 39.
In the Shade of a Historic Planet.
M31: The Andromeda Galaxy.
1998 Leonid Fireball.
The Belt of Venus.
Spiral Galaxies in Collision.
Lunation - time-lapse of a complete lunar cycle.
Heceta Head Lighthouse, Central Oregon Coast.
The Heart Of NGC 4261.
Crater Lake at sunrise.
X-Ray Jet From Centaurus A.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 38.
Pony-Horse, London Zoo.
South Falls, Silver Falls State Park.
30 Doradus: The Tarantula Nebula
Proxy Falls, Three Sisters Wilderness, Cascade Mtns.
NGC 2346: A Butterfly-Shaped Planetary Nebula.
NGC 2261: Hubble's Variable Nebula.
Iridium 52: Not A Meteor.
NGC 3603: An Active Star Cluster.
Sunset, Harris Beach State Park.
Clydesdale Horse -Grazing with sheep herd in front of mountains.
Sunrise at Big Lake, Cascade Mountains.
Spray Park Sunset Reflection of Mount Rainier.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 37.
Van Trump Park - Evening at Mt. Rainier.
Brown Mustang Horse.
Pinnacle Peak at Sunset.
Triton: Neptune's Largest Moon.
Morgan_Horse -proud pose on grass.
Wild Brown Horses and White Horse - Pack Running.
2 Belgian Horses 2 - Great Manes.
White Maned Belgian Horses.
Arabian Dapple-Gray Horse - Running by a cliff wall.
WildHorses - Camargue Horses, Herd, Running In Stream.
Polaris: The North Star.
Andalusian Gray Horse on the beach.
Brown Horse - running on the plains.
Black Horse, Domestic,-standing on hindlegs.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 36.
Mount Rainier Sunrise.
Flamingo Dancing.
Sunset at Longmire, Mount Rainier.
Colored sunset over Norway.
Ocean sunset - A wonderful picture of sunset over the ocean.
New Stars In 30 Doradus.
Massive Stars Of 30 Doradus.
Lupines at Deadhorse Creek.
Great_White_Shark - closeup.
Our Galaxy in Stars, Gas, and Dust.
Mount Rainier Reflections.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 35.
Moonrise over Haleakala Crater.
Cometary Globules In Orion.
Equinox and Eruptive Prominence.
Halos Around the Ring Nebula.
The Quintuplet Star Cluster Credit.
Heather Meadows in Edith Creek Basin.
Cascades Above Myrtle Falls.
Reflection Lake.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 34.
Vine Maple - Nisqually River Valley.
Humpback Whale reaching for the sky.
Lenticular Cloud over Mount Rainier.
The Big Corona.
The Colorful Orion Nebula.
Mount Rainier from Inspiration Point.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 33
Stonehenge: Ancient Monument to the Sun.
Telescope Peak.
Comet Hale-Bopp Over the Superstition Mountains..
Artist Palette - A.M.
Furnace Creek.
HCG 87: A Small Group of Galaxies.

  Click to see these photos on Photo links page 32
Hanalei Beach
Stovepipe Wells - Large Dunes
Eclipse Over The Mountain
Looking Back on an Eclipsed Earth  -Here is what the Earth looks like during a solar eclipse.
Badwater Pond - The pond at Badwater is the lowest point on the American continent.
Chandra's First Light: Cassiopeia A

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 31
Sundogs over the VLA.
Galaxies Away.
At The Sun's Edge.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 30
Light From The Dark Sun..
Sun Block.
A Crescent Sunrise.
Zabriskie Point.
Spotlight on Antelope Canyon.    

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 29
Ida and Dactyl: Asteroid and Moon.
Courthouse Flowers.
Hubble Tracks Jupiter's Great Red Spot.
The Vela Supernova Remnant Expands.
Panorama of Gunsight Bay.
Asia at Night.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 28
Noctilucent Clouds.
Infrared Saturn.
A Martian Valley.
Jupiter from Voyager.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 27
NGC 3372: The Great Nebula in Carina.
Solar Surfin'.
The Flame Nebula in Infrared.
Barringer Crater on Earth.
NGC 7789: Galactic Star Cluster.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 26.
Eruptive Prominence.
A Sun Pillar.
A Landing On Mars
From Mars with Love.
The Gegenschein .

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 25.
NGC 4565: Needle Galaxy.
Upper Waterfall, Elves Chasm.
Small Waterfall, Monument Creek.
Deer Creek Swirls.
Vasey's Paradise.
N159: The Papillon Nebula.
AB Aurigae: How To Make Planets.
NGC 4414: A Telling Spiral.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 24
Trifid Pillars & Jets.
Starbirth in the Trifid Nebula.
Granite Peak.
NGC 3603: From Beginning To End.
Moki Canyon.
Escalante Canyon.
Rainbow Bridge.
Petrified Dunes at dusk.
Wine & Cheese Time.
Evening Storm on Glen Canyon.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 23.
NGC 6872: A Stretched Spiral.
Introducing Nova Velorum 1999.
Crossing Lake Powell.
Quiet morning at Hall's Crossing.
Whaweep Marina Panorama at dusk.
The Horsehead Nebula.
A Laguna Triangle.
Storm rising on Lake Powell.
Multiple Colored Flowers.
Hot Stars in the Southern Milky Way.

to see these photos on Photo links page 22
Landsat 7 Views Planet Earth.
Molecular Cloud Barnard 68.
Warped Spiral Galaxy ESO510-13.
Polar Ring Galaxy NGC 4650A.
NGC 2266: Old Cluster in the New General Catalog.
Mimas: Small Moon with a Big Crater.
Io Shadow.

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Narrow Passage into The Wave.
Reflections, The Wave.
Coyote Buttes, below Top Rock.
On the Crest of The Wave.
On the Way to the Wave.
The Wave - Detail.
Sandstone Swirls #1.
Rush Hour.
Leapfrog Rock and the Wave.
Reflected Light.
Wave Reflection.
The Wave, from below Top Rock.
Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River; AZ.
Glacier Waterfall.
Denizen of the Tarantula Nebula.
NGC 6334: The Bear Claw Nebula.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 20
Eruptive Prominence.
A Sun Pillar.
A Landing On Mars.
From Mars with Love.
The Gegenschein.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 19
The Monkey Face at Smith Rock.
March of the Planets.
Larch Trees and Inspiration Lake Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area, WA.
A Chamaeleon Sky.
Mountain and forest carpet.
Mapping Mars.
The Needles at Twilight.
Wahclella Falls. .
Lake Powell, Az.
Winter at Mount St. Helens.Monument, WA.
The Comet and the Galaxy.
Mount Hood - Alpenglow and Lenticular Clouds.
5 Million Miles From Io.
A Jupiter-Venus Conjunction.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 18
Apollo 12: Surveyor 3 and Intrepid.
kokopelli pictograph.
Miranda, Chevron, and Alonso.
Ganymede Mosaic.
White Bengal Tiger.
Reflection Nebula NGC 1435.
Lake McDonald.
Sunrise view of Mount Rainier.
Mount Rainier.
A Milky-Way Band.
Construction of International Space Station Begins.
Mount Hood at Twilight.
NGC 1316: After Galaxies Collide.
In the Center of 30 Doradus.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 17
Rock and Tree.
Neon art.
Hickson Compact Group 40.
Sea Turtle.
"Authorities Are Baffled".
New Zealand.
Blue Mood.
River scene.
A Supernova Star-Field.
Tulainyo Lake.
Koala bear.
Bryce Canyon.
Morning, Napa Valley.
Niagra Falls.
Wilderness Stream.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 16
The Orion Nebula from Subaru.
Yosemite Valley with purple haze.
Gulf Coast Fish.
Butterfly on a flower.
M17: The Omega Nebula.
Dandelion on hands and knees.
Endless Search.
Leaf Insect.
Spiral Galaxy NGC 253.
Pegasus dSph.
Toad Grasshopper.
Leaf wing butterfly.
Noctuid Moth Caterpillar.
Walking Sticks.
Click Beetle.
Moth camouflage.
A Seed Bug.

On Photo links Page 15
NGC 1818: A Young Globular Cluster.
Golden Wall of the Virgin Narrows.
Orion Nebula.
Aspens In Winter.
Sagittarius Star Cloud.
Virgin Narrows Subway.
Lower Klamath Lake, Northern Calif.
Buttes at sunset.
Henry Mountains.
The Most Exquisite Ring in the Universe.
Upper Cathedral Valley.
Cloud and Planet.
The Castle.
Panorama Point.
West Mitten at dawn.
ESO202-G23: Merging Galaxies.
Smoked blue glass at sunrise.
Supernova 1994D and the Unexpected Universe.

On Photo Links page 14
San Francisco, fog at sunset.
Mount Shasta by air.
M2-9: Wings of a Butterfly Nebula.
Planet Dawn.
Nebulae Ornament For Your Christmas.
Nebulae For Your Christmas Tree.
Flowers on the Fremont River.
Mountain Canyon with a river running through it.
Dawn of the Leonids.
Internet Mapping Project.
Lighthouse at dawn.
Cartwheel Of Fortune.
Mountain Waterfall.
Autum leaves.
3-D Photo of Mars North Pole.
Temple Of The Moon.
Kodachrome Basin.
Peek-a-boo slot canyon.
Little Wild Horse Canyon.
Arch on fire.
Goblin Generals viewing the troops at Goblin Valley.
Goblin Valley.
Leonids from Leo.

On Photo Links page 13
Star-Forming Region RCW38.
Delicate Archway.
Dead Horse Point.
Antelope Canyon.
Trail To Enchanted Valley, Olympic National Park.
Southern Deep Field.
Nearby Galaxy, HidingCepheus.
Meteor Milky Way.
Feast of Stephen.
Kenichi Takemoto Photo Gallery.
A Leonid Bolide Over Kansas.
Seven Leonids Over Wise Observatory.
Moma Cat and cub.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 12
Watch a Leonid meteor explode.
Catching Falling Stardust.
Green Fireball
Bright Leonids.
Close-Up of the Bubble Nebula .
NGC 7635: The Bubble Nebula.
Beautiful fireworks.
Smallest moon in the System.
Leonid Fireball From 1966.
GLAST Gamma-Ray Sky Simulation.
Aurora Above.
The Eight Burst Nebula.
Stellar Fireball.
All We have to fear is fear itself.
The Screening Room.
Water Dragon.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 11
Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae.
Beautiful bathing birds.
Natural Saturn On The Cassini Cruise.
Cosmology solved! Did it start with a bang.
Sextans A: A Seemingly Square Galaxy.
A Ghost Of Lensing Past.
Life on the Moon.
John Glenn: Discovery Launch.
John Glenn: Friendship 7 To Discovery.
NGC 6210: The "Turtle in Space.
Henrietta Leavitt Calibrates the Stars.
An Ion Drive for Deep Space 1.
The Pleiades Star Cluster.
Two dolphins doing flips.
Seyfert Galaxy.
Missing Aurora Borealis.
X-Ray Sun.
Saturn's Rings Seen Sideways.
Web Films - Cool streaming audio and video.
Jet Benny.
Things To Come.
M31 Globular Cluster#1.
M31 Globular Cluster#2.
Blue Fe Sun - Hi Res
Green Fe Sun - Hi Res
Gold FE Sun - Hi Res
Red Helium Sun - Large Hi Res.
FOUR awesome pics of the Sun.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 10
July 91 Solar eclipse by Steve Albers .
Chesire Cat, Caroll, Lewis.
Center Of The Dumbbell Nebula.
Fliers around The Blue Snowball Nebula.
The Silver Goblet Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Paris Chardin.
Destiny John William Waterhouse.
Claude Monet Painting at the Edge of a Wood 1887; John Singer Sargent.
M27: Not A Comet.
The Kiss, Rodin.
The Dark Side of The Moon.
Ocean Planet Pole To Pole.
Young Redhead In an Evening Dress, 1918, Amedeo Modigliani.
The Great Wave Off Kanagawa Katsushika Hokusai.
At the Moulin Rouge Toulouse-Lautrec.
The most famous footprint in the world is on the Moon. .
Shuttle Discovery launch.
1000 armed Chenrezi.
Four armed Chenrezi.
Mandala of The Medicine Buddha,
A Pecular Cluster of galaxies.
A Tour of the Nine Planets.
Millenium Bug, Sibal
Hurricane in the Gulf.
Blue (Moby Dick) Pollock.
House By The Railroad 1925, Edward Hopper.
Nighthawks 1942 Edward Hopper.
Suprematism 1915; Malevich..
Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue 1921 Piet Mondrian.
The golden fish, Paul Klee.
The North Pole On Mars.
Autumn and the Active Sun.
1914, Paul Klee.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 9
Spiral Galaxy.
NGC 281.
Drawing Hands- M.C. Escher.
Sleep- Dali.
Persistence of Memory - Dali.
Full Moon.
Black-Violet. - 1923, Vasily Kandinsky.
The Dream, 1910, Rousseau.
The Sleeping Gypsy, 1897 Rousseau.
Flowers In a Pitcher, 1906, Henri Matisse.
Deep Field Objects.
Phobos, Mars Moon.
Maternity, Pablo Picasso.
Portrait of Picasso, 1912 Juan Gris.
The White Horse 1898; (Eugène-Henri-) Paul Gauguin.
The Arnolfini Marriage. 1434 Jan van Eyck.
The Feast of the Gods 1514); Giovanni Bellini.
David- Gigantic marble.- MICHELANGELO.
The Village Fête 1635-38 ; Peter Paul Rubens.
Glass Collection - Henry R. Luce Center.
Silver and pewter collection - Henry R. Luce Center.
The Sky Towards Sagittarius.
Victory - Augustus Saint-Gaudens.
The Mountain Man, 1903; this cast, 1907 Frederic Remington.
"Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse", Albrect Durer.
The Large Turf - Albrect Durer.
A Young Hare -Albrect Durer.
The Adoration of the Magi - Albrect Durer .
Mercury from Mariner 10.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 8
A Starry Night, 1889 - Vincent Van Gogh.
The Princesse de Broglie, 1851-53, J.A.D Ingres.
The Champion Single Sculls, 1871 Thomas Eakins.
Crab Nebula.
Philosopher in Meditation 1632, Rembrant.
The Mill c. 1650, Rembrant.
Aristotle contemplating a bust of Homer 1653, Rembrant.
Earth and Moon.
Garden at Sainte-Adresse, 1867 - Claude Monet.
The Dance Class, 1874 Edgar Degas.
Washington Crossing the Deleware - Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze.
Mona Lisa, The World's Most Famous Painting, DaVinci.
Fur Traders decending the Missouri, George Caleb Bingham.
Mrs. John Winthrop, 1773 John Singleton Copley, 1738-1815.
Saturn from Earth.
Colorful Aurora.
Studies for the Libyan Sibyl, - 1510 Michelangelo.
Juan de Pareja, 1648 - Diego Velazquez.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 7
Woman with water Pitcher.
Galactic Cannibal.
Dancing Devata.
The Sun erupts.
(2-fer) Welcome To Planet Earth.
Herculean Galaxies.
The Magellanic Stream.
Funny Times.
Two sunflowers.
Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Phoenix.
The Cedars Trail.
Starbirth and funnel clouds in Lagoon Nebula.
The Orchard, 1872 Pissaro.
Goat over Hidden Lake, Glacial National Park.
Mont Sainte-Victoire Paul Cézanne.
Beautiful painting by Heade Orchid and hummingbirds.
Bears In Glacer National Park.
Comet Hyakutake and the Milky Way.
Monet's The Floating Ice.
Nebula around Doomed Star about to explode, Eta Carinae.
Galaxy clusters.
Crayon Tango.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 6
Did you know that Earth has two moons? Mir and Luna!.
Sun Dance.
Jungle cat
Shapley 1: Planetary Nebula.
Too cute cat.
Door #23.
Cygnus Supernova Nebula.
Flip flop frog kerplop drop
Lazin', lyin' lion - African Studies - Wildlife
White as rice, Rolls Royce.
Amazing M65 In Leo.
Black/Red Butterfly lazing on a leaf.
Here's a desk for your desk.
Where should we put this desk? In Frank L Wright home? - SGI
That's a black faced vervet - African Studies - Wildlife
Horsehead Nebula -
Matchbox originality -SGI
Ocean Crab - African Studies - Wildlife
Dwingeloo Galaxy -
Can you say ... Infrared Orion? -
Sungrazer comet -
Sea Anemo- African Studies - Wildlife
Nice hat! Sombrero Galaxy. -
Glass of wine - SGI
Coral reef - African Studies - Wildlife
Tulip petals- SGI
Cat and fishbowl. Are you looking at ME!
Candles and mirror - SGI

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 5
Aurora Borealis -Jan Curtis
Cat's Eye Nebula -
Two beautiful butterflies mating
African Highlands -African Studies - Wildlife
Impact on Jupiter -
Sleeping leopard, let it lay. - African Studies - Wildlife
Color gears - SGI
Hawaii from shuttle. Toss me that lei. -
N81: Starbirth in the SMC -
Large Black and white gear- SGI
I lava volcano at night, don't you? - African Studies - Wildlife
I'm not lion, look at my face - African Studies - Wildlife
X-Ray Pulsar -
Asteroid, comin' at ya -
Ghost Galaxy -
Hyakutake_scott comet -
Globular Cluster M3 -
M33 Spiral Galaxy -
Lagoon Nebula -
Jupiter's Volcanic Io -
Goood Morning, Marssss -
Strange Galaxy and Dark Matter -
Hale-Bopp over Val Parola Pass -
YES we DO have Solar Magnetic Bananas -
Cosmic Rays and Supenova Dust
Active Region of the Sun
A Nuclear Starburst Ring
Giant Cluster Bends, Breaks Images
Orion Nebula: The 2MASS View
Infrared Saturn!

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 4
A crescent Moon, Venus, and Jupiter all appeared together
Cocoon of a New White Dwarf
Water and Cosmic Dust In Orion
Star babies - Stellar Nursery in NGC 604
Pick a star, any star
Trifid? Anyone?
Space Chicken, The Hen Nebula - a newbie in space.
Young Globular Cluster"
Canaries Sky - one of the most star filled picture you've ever seen, on a clear night from an island.
Aurora Over Alaska -
Eagle eggs in M16 -
Solar Eclipse -
Sombrero Galaxy - One of the neatest shapes in the Universe
Neptune - Blue Space Marble
Auroras Galoura
The Biggest Rock and read the explanation.
NGC 7009: The Saturn Nebula.
Phi Persei: Double Star.
The Coma Cluster of Galaxies.
Runaway Star.
Space Lasers.
Orion Constellation.
Irregular Galaxy Sextans A.
A dying star's nebula.
The Pipe Nebula - a beauty!!
Welcome to Planet Earth.
Universe, Antennae Galaxy Collision.
Jupiter's clouds.
Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Calisto."Galilean" moons.
Antares and Rhp Ophiuchi.
The Sun Erupts.
Our solar system's ecliptic plane.
Running Red Rings Around Jupiter.
Solar flare to warm you up and jump start your day! - Skylab.

Click to see these photos on Photo links page 3
Sunrise over the moon with the earth brightly behind.
Fantastic poster of the major galactic objects.
The Aftermath of the Great Supernova in 1987.
Try on the Incredible Sombreo.
Shuttle leaves today to grabthe Hubble Telescope with an arm.
The sun, from Hubble, with red filter.
Famous, beautiful, planetary nebula ring known as M57.
NGC 1818: A Young Globular Cluster
"The Cat's Eye Nebula"
Io, Jupiter's moon, by Galileo spacecraft.
Hourglass Nebula.
Sungrazer comet.
The Iron Sun.
You can't go to the Dwingeloo Galaxy and not be awed!
Jupiter's Io.
Hale-Bopp over Las Palmas.
Solar Flare to say the least!
This is a pic of the Sleeping Beauty Galaxay.
Cooool pic of Io.
sunset and Hale-Bopp
Fisheye Hale-Bopp at Sunset.
Star Forming In Lower Magellan Cloud.

How stars evolve.
Stars that aren't big enough
(small mass) go through the
Red Giant sequence on the left.
Bigger stars go through the
Super Giant Phase on the right.
Stars that leave a core after Nova, bigger than 1.4 solars masses, go through the Nuetron Star Phase. Stars that leave a core after Nova, bigger than 3 solar masses, become Black Holes.

Cosmic View: The Universe in 40 Jumps
The Main Sequence Blues. Funny explanation of stellar evolution.
Star Trek: The Last Generation. - Funny story.
NASA 3-D Satellite Orbit Tracker.
(Select ALL. Change time to x1000. Shift &Ctrl click to zoom.)
NASA Liftoff to Space Exploration.
NASA TV on The Web.
NASA Video Feeds.
NASA Launch Countdown Status.
Space Movie Archive - 2650 movies and animations.
Microsoft TerraServer - See satellite photos and maps of anywhere. Zoom in.
Current Satellite Photos.
Space Imaging Gallery.
Earth From Space.
TERRA - The EOS Flagship.
Visible Earth - Directory of images and animations.
Interactive Global Geostationary Weather Satellite Images.
See any USA airline flight status - airspeed, altitude, and it's progress on the map.
New Space Technology - Electromagnetic Plasma Shields!! Scientists from the University of Washington and NASA are experimenting with miniature magnetospheres as an innovative form of space transportation. Listen on real Player.
What is a Helicon Plasma Source?
The Nature of The Universe and The Big Bang.
Scientific American : [Explore] : Strung Out on the Universe: Interview with Raphael Bousso 04/07/2003 Strung Out on the Universe: Interview with Raphael Bousso Explore Physics newton, quantum, relativity, high energy, particle This 31-year-old shared first prize in an international competition for young physicists last year for his work on the so-called holographic principle, which aims to reconcile quantum mechanics with black hole physics. His research has led him to think hard about string theory and cosmology, too. 07-APR-03 The Holy Grail for many of today's theoretical physicists is a ...

Scientific American : [Explore] : A Recycled Universe
A Recycled Universe Explore Physics newton, quantum, relativity, high energy, particle Crashing branes and cosmic acceleration may power an infinite cycle in which our universe is but a phase 11-FEB-02 Images: after animation by Paul SteinhardtA UNIVERSAL CYCLE of birth and rebirth occurs every ... Scientific American : [Feature Article] : Been There, Done That
Been There, Done That Feature Article The big bang may not have been a singular event A CYCLE BUILT FOR TWO BRANES Earlier models of the cycling universe had a fatal flaw: the big crunch is not a perfect mirror image of the big bang. As space contracts, photons gain energy at the expense of the gravitational field, so the universe ends up hotter than when it started. No true cycle could develop; the model requires an ultimate beginning as surely as the one-time big bang does. The... Scientific American : [Feature Article] : The Big Bang: Wit or Wisdom?
Feature Article Astronomy star, planet, galaxy, solar system WONDERS Philip and Phylis Morrison review the way the universe came into existence and how it continues to evolve. At the peak of the cosmic inferno, there was an abrupt failure of physical theory. 18-FEB-01 No cosmological concept is as widely known as the big bang: from a state ...Scientific American : [Feature Article] : Making Sense of Modern Cosmology
Making Sense of Modern Cosmology Feature Article Astronomy star, planet, galaxy, solar system Confused by all those theories? Good Report Card For Major Theories Our framework for the big bang theory is braced tightly enough to... Scientific American : [News] : New Results Add Support to Hot Big Bang Theory
New Results Add Support to Hot Big Bang Theory News Astronomy star, planet, galaxy, solar system 25-MAY-01 Despite repeated challenges from renegade theories, the big bang model of our cosmic origins remains the most convincing: it posits that the universe began in a violent explosion, creating a world filled with hot, fluidlike plasma that only later cooled as it expanded. For decades scientists have expected to be able to detect acoustic oscillations, or "waves," that pulsed through this...

Scientific American : [LinkPage] : First String
First String LinkPage Physics newton, quantum, relativity, high energy, particle 11-FEB-02 Image: Courtesy of John M. PierreSTRINGS live in a 10-dimensional spacetime, which requires that every point in our four-dimensional universe is associated with a tiny ball of six-dimensional space. These tiny dimensions ...

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