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ESP - Knowing When Lightning Is About To Strike


One time when a storm came up, I sensed lightning coming and ran to the car. As I ran down the path in the woods, I had a feeling a bolt was about to come down and I jumped up in the air just as or before it hit the ground 25 feet in front of me, bouncing across my path as the gap narrowed, and grounding into a short stump instead of me. Now, the speed of light is pretty fast. I wouldn't have had time to put my right foot down a little harder as I ran, to be "up" in the air, if I waited until I saw it hit. I guess I was just a tad faster than lightning that day.  I act on intuition which has put me in the right place at the right time to "happen" to meet people and make things happen. I believe that our karma, synchronicity, will, dream, and insight should be examined and one should practice using ESP abilities we all have.


I knew for 7 years I would meet the Dalai Lama and saw in my mind a well-kept lawn on a hill that I knew was in the Pacific Northwest.

I left Pennsylvania to look for it. I didn't know where it was, but when I got there, I knew he'd be there.

When I got there, He walked out the door 30 seconds after some men in robes asked me and my friends to take their picture, he was 6 feet away.

We were the only ones there.

The lower photo was an hour later as a crowd had formed at the Buddhist center.

I am in a purple shirt, white hat, behind my friend in white pants with camera, in the top right corner of the photo.

The next day, at an event no one could get a ticket form I did some magic for a monk, who turned out to be his American sponsor.

I told him I was meant to meet the Dalai Lama from 7 years of "visions".

He invited me to meet the Dalai Lama, with some Tibetans, in a private meeting a few days later.

I was in a receiving line, where I got to shake his hand and say hello. I said something to him, which I later found out, was his long life prayer.


ken kesey

It started in a meditative vision I had one night in 1974, I knew if I left the East coast, I'd meet the Dalai Lama, Ken Kesey (Sometimes A Great Notion, One Flew Out Of The Cuckoo's Nest), The Lone Ranger, The Firesign Theater, Tom Robbins The Grateful Dead and others. In Fort Collins Frank Herbert and Dr. John came on my FM radio show on KTCL. At a Jerry Garcia concert in Eugene, Oregon in 1975, I was seated on the 4th row aisle seat, I looked to my left and Ken Kesey was standing next to me with his grandmother. I had been in Eugene 6 months and didn't know until the month before that he lived 20 miles out of town.


 We met at intermission at the popcorn machine and performed close-up sleight of hand for each other. He told me he listened to my freeform rock, blues, and jazz show every night. I was on KZEL-FM in Eugene from 8pm to 1am Monday through Friday, with 100,000 watts covering the Western half of Oregon and carried on cable on the East side of the pass. At a book signing Tom Robbins autographed my copy of Another Roadside Attraction , "To Magic Mike, who blew my mind". The Grateful Dead invited me to their hotel room twice. I met the Lone Ranger in Las Vegas at a trade show for the National Cable TV Association. We had both been hired as booth attractions and when I got a break I went to where he was and he was just going on break too. I did my invisible deck of cards trick for him

I do magic for The Longer Ranger in Las Vegas


The Firesign Theater

And he loved it so much; he said I had to show someone else too. Someone took our picture and sent it to me. I always knew I'd meet The Firesign Theater. At Bumbershoot Festival in the early 80's they were playing. I went to the backstage door and said I had a magic telegram for The Firesign Theater. They took me too their dressing room and I entertained them for twenty minutes before they went on. One time, I was in a tavern doing a crossword puzzle. I say aloud to everyone, "What's a Patsy Kline song, 4 letters, I


blank to pieces?" The jukebox hits a downbeat and Patsy belts outs, "I Fall To Pieces...." Mouths are open and everyone’s staring at me. I found that if I REALLY needed money, I could make the phone ring, and someone would want to hire me and give me half on deposit THAT day. Two guys are walking towards me and one says to the other, "I bet you can't guess my birthday." I interject as the gap narrowed, "August 16th." He says, "No, the 14th!" I got a message on my machine from my childhood friend Steve Hayasaka, from Philadelphia. He is in the Pacific Northwest. I don't know where he's staying. I look up his mom's new number, and gives me his best man's last name. Directory lists one that didn't answer, one machine, and one who says he doesn't know him. I call back the last one because I feel he does know him but doesn't understand my English. He says oh, he has left for Mount Rainier National Park (a couple hundred thousand square acres) 100 miles away. I know I can find him with my mind as I have his energy imprint from many years, so I get in my car, drive to the top, go in the museum and don't see


him on the three floors. As I am going down the stairs to leave I see a little theater on glaciers, I feel him there. I walk in the left door and see him two rows in front of me a few seats away and the seat next to him open. I sat down next to him. He looks over to see who sat down and he is stunned. He laughs and says, "I wanted to surprise you by calling you, since you surprised me 10 years ago this month in Oregon, but you didn't have to one-up me like THIS!" The fact is that good friends, people you have karma with; create a bond, a force that can be felt, as to where they are, in relation to you. If you take a moment to feel where YOU are on the planet, you can feel where THEY are on the planet. Part of this is dowsing. Like you do for water. Each object makes an influence in the whole electromagnetic field, as each has its own electromagnetic field, within the planets' field, creating a displacement influence. If you tune in to the visualization, a mental picture a feeling of what you are looking for, a sense of "pressure" or "leaning" in a direction comes to you. Objects create a field too, and can also be sensed. I find things I am looking for, under things because I just sense they are there. It just takes practice and a willingness to try it, to see you can do it. You can't be afraid of failure. So I practice when I look at people from behind, (while driving) to see if I can say hello and get them to turn and look over their right shoulder to look at me. I know sometimes who is calling without looking at caller id. I keep trying. You should, too. You have to practice. Practice until you're better.

I saw a picture of a news reporter missing and thought dead. I felt her picture not dead and felt Colorado and Alaska. The next week they traced her alive to both. She was found in Colorado in a parking lot with amnesia and later moved to Alaska. I'm watching TV, and Yoko Ono has just told Paul on "Mad About You" that she wants him to do her next project, and film the wind. As it moves to commercial I think, "How would you do that. It's invisible. I think, "Show things being blown in the wind!" The commercial, in cue says, "A new change is in the wind", and shows dust blowing off some cars. I have predicted 14 for 14 earthquakes and one lightning bolt.

Someday I will tell you about feeling a wheel was about to fall off while driving through the Rockies, towing 220 gallons of gasoline.

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