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Salesman + amazing close-up magician = Leads + Opportunity!Have your company's booth stand out at tradeshows. Business cards given out magically. Product information learned, and leads qualified from crowd. Names and numbers taken. Triple Booth Attendance and double leads for callback. - Make sales appear!!

Past Clients
Clients include Boeing Computer Services (at the New York Computer Literacy Tradeshow, which resulted in a feature story in The Exhibit Reporter), Commodore Computers (Vegas Consumer Electronics Show), Coke Foods (Houston sales promotion), Schleigal Corporation (Los Angeles National Computer Conference), The National Cable TV Association Show in Las Vegas and New Orleans (resulted in a feature in National Tradeshow & Exhibit Manager), The National Satellite Show in Nashville, The Western Satellite Show in Reno, the Northeastern Pennsylvania Industrial Show, Pacific Northwest Hotel Hospitality Show,
a national story in Compaq's Hardcopy Magazine from his demos at the Seattle Computer Showcase, where former U.S. Congressman Rod Chandler (smiling) was lured to his client's booth, and the New York Computer Showcase got a New York Post story, and Magic Mike appeared on a bit on CBS 60 Minutes with Andy Rooney (rarely smiling).
"Mike, thanks for your help at the Satellite Shows in Reno and Nashville. We received many comments from other booths as to how busy OUR booth was! This was surely due to your efforts. And, in an only an hour you learned the satellite business and could sell it! We were all impressed."
Michael Doll
Vice President
DH Satellite Dish

See two magic clips below - A magician performs at your booth and/or hospitality suite giving you high visibility, and frequent word of mouth mention by attendees at the show. Magic stops people and gives them a chance to focus on what you are promoting. There's lots of competition for the eye, and just having a flashy booth, or even a good deal isn't enough! WHO'S GOING TO TELL THEM YOU HAVE A DEAL?

The Business Card Trick makes your business cards appear in hands of qualified leads for your product and service, getting their qualified business cards for you!Magic can be presented in a variety of styles of your choice: flashy; sales conservative; at the aisle stopping and qualifying; inside the booth on a small stage; at a hospitality suite; solo; or with a beautiful assistant. Rates are based on the number of days and hours working.

The Business Card Trick video clip - at computer show -mpg - 1.7meg.

The Disappearing Salt Trick! Magic gets a crowd to stop at a RV show and into the booth. After the trick qualified leads can be isolated in the crowd. A coupon can appear in the hands of people qualified from the crowd.

.Disappearing Salt video clip - show stopper at RV Show -mpg - 1.7meg

Here is a description by a reporter for Compaq's Hardcopy Magazine about Magic Mike's impact.
At the show Magic Mike stopped a crowd with magic, then did a short product demo for the client,
inviting people who showed interest to meet one of the booth reps if one was free or to give him their business card so he could "make more information magically appear in his office." At the show reported here, word got around about Mike's magical abilities and United States Congressman Rod Chandler was brought over to be amazed by the show's producers. Mike received a glowing letter from Hill and Nolton about the success of the show and they prompted another client, Coke Foods, to fly him to Houston for a promotion.

. .Magic Mike the magician Featured in TV news stories on: Channel 4, 5, 7, and 11 in Seattle; Channel 11 in Eugene; Channel 4 in Portland; Channel 11 in Las Vegas; and Channel 4 in Los Angeles, The Seattle Times and The Seattle Weekly. Met and magically mesmerized Buckminster Fuller, Ken Kesey, The Lone Ranger, Frank Herbert, Tom Robbins, The Firesign Theater The Grateful Dead, Little Feat, The Marshall Tucker Band, Charlie Daniels, Arlo Guthrie, Heart, Leon Redbone, Tom Waits, The Robert Cray Band, Chuck Mangione, Freddy Hubbard, The Outlaws, Dr. John, Captain Beefheart, Commander Cody, and the cast of Northern Exposure. Hired to entertain the press at the world premiers of "The Four Seasons," performing backstage for Alan Alda, and at "The Stuntman", performing for Steve Railsback and Barbara Hershey. Mike met and shook hands seven times with The Dalai Lama of Tibet at teachings on mind given in Seattle, Vancouver, Madison, Pasadena, Santa Monica, and San Jose. Mike also runs Sales Temps USA, which produces sales training videos for a variety of other industries, including newspaper subscription circulation managers and sales contractors, performs at national tradeshows, gives motivational talks, is preparing to publish a children's book, and a book of tales, travels, magic, and ESP.

The Exhibit Reporter was at the two computers shows in New York City where Andy Rooney also chatted with Mike. Andy has run a few seconds of the interview at least a half dozen times over the years. He was attracted to come over and talk, because Magic Mike stands out as something a little more fun and out of place in the world of computer sales.

Sales & Marketing Magic
 How To Accomplish The Impossible - Magic and motivational talk to spur high goal setting in people. Great for getting people setting goal and reaching high levels of performance. Book a live talk or order the video!
Newspaper Sales Magic - Sales Training - This is for newspaper circulation managers and subscription contractors on how to sell, handle objections, and close.Tradeshow Magic - Have your company's booth stand out at national tradeshows. Business cards given out magically. Product information learned, and leads qualified from crowd. Names and numbers taken. Triple BoothAttendance and double leads for callback. - Make sales appear!!

For the last 12 years Magic Mike has asked $150 for a child or adult shows
plus $ travel time and expenses for shows outside the general area.

Because of problems with the economy he offers a
$50 discount, a $100 show.

He has a fee of $80 for seniors and schools on weekdays. Call for a quote for repeating business shows.

Please use the phone for timely contacting! Your email MAY go into junk mail.

Phone (206) 632-7152
Magic Mike Berger
Magic Mike the Magician

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