Learn magic. Amazing Magic Mike teaches his incredible " One Handed, One Second Windsor Trick" - $4.95 !
Easy to do, with a little practice. People's mouths hang open in disbelief.

You can do this trick. Anyone can with very little practice. I give you full printed directions with illustrations. Get this for yourself, or, a son or nephew and help me with the cost of this 700 page site of fun and magic and interesting stuff. You don't have to be a performer. If you are a person that meets the public, like a salesperson or bartender, it provides uncountable opportunities. If you perform magic or ANY type of show, even a musician, or you are a public speaker, you can add this to your act, bringing up an assistant from the audience. Or do the version with no assistant. I just keep a tie (or two) in my back pocket where ever I go. It's so easy, I do two at once no eyes. And in the video I do it blindfolded for effect. You can just say you will do it with your eyes closed. If it is not as good as I say, I will refund your money!
If you want to motivate someone do this, and say.
"Anything is possible when you have the right information!"

Here's a close-up of the nice knot I just made. Here's the necktie trick in wmv video.

It works close up or from a distance. The effect on people can't be described. Their jaw hangs open. I tell you various ways to present it. You get my routine for three situations, just you, you and an assistant, or just impromptu. You don't have to be someone that wears a tie. Many people have one, or you can keep one folded up in a back pocket, like I do, in case I'm in a place I want to do it. Anyone can learn this in a half hour. I met so many people with this trick. Learn this tie trick. Believe me, you WILL get much benefit over years by knowing this secret. People love this trick. I ask you for $9.95 This small amount helps me with the site costs.

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