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How to sell. How to close. How to handle objections.
Learn How To Sell More Than Anyone.
Here's the perfect sales training tool for you. Sales training with a bit of magic for interest.
Sales Managers and Independent Sales Contractors of any product or service, can see how newspapers teach people how to sell a basic subscription, how to close, and how to handle objections.
Use these techniques to sell and train in any sales job, including telemarketing.

Magic Mike Berger began sales at nineteen, selling cemetery lots door to door,
while he earned a Bachelor's of Arts Degree from Penn State Universityin Radio-Television Broadcast Management. He stood out among students at
the college station and he was picked for the scholarship intern program at Westinghouse Group W/KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh in April of 1968. His first 2 weeks there, he became the guide for Richard Threlkeld and the CBS newsteam covering the riots after the shooting of Martin Luther King, Jr. His last 6 weeks he ran the on-air promotion schedule for the Promotion Department. When he graduated he was offered the job as Promotion Director at a NBC affiliate in Scranton, Pennsylvania and at the age of twenty-one, he was the youngest TV promotion director in the county. He was the top salesman and became Sales Manager of WEZX-FM in Scranton, which is owned by The Scranton Times. He moved to Seattle and managed a telemarketing room for the disabled, selling light bulbs. Later that year he managed the outside sales contract at The Seattle Times, doubling sales in 3 months. The following year he ran the contract for the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner, and then The Tacoma News Tribune for 3 years. He was the top salesman in every sales organization he was part of since he was nineteen years old. As an excellent salesman, magician, with a background in media, Magic Mike has produced a fun and informative package of sales training videos, making it easier to train new people, and those already working for you, in the science of sales, how to close, how to handle objections, and get the sale.
Vol. 1 - The best way to ask a closing question is explained and then shown in action with live samples. Then how to close and handle objections, live clips of the major objections being answered and closed.
Vol. 2 - Live sample presentations that most newspapers use. Full price sale with a money back guarantee, pay for one and get seven, buy now and get a store coupon, pay to send Newspapers In Education to a school. These are shown from getting the person to stop and listen until the goodbye.
Vol. 3 - Sales Tips and advice in the car, on your way to sell for the day. Attitude!
Vol. 4 - How To "Accomplish The Impossible" - How to sell more than anyone. How the
top salemen become the top salesmen. Phone companies, department stores chains, auto dealers, realtors, and software manufacturers have had Magic Mike give this motivational talk.
He had it recorded when he did it for BMW of San Francisco. This 30 minute tape is great.

Sales Magic Volumes #1, #2, #3, and #4 - 15 minutes each, #4 is 30 minutes.
All 4 volumes for $149.95 includes S&H.
"I think these are great. They do the job. When I ran a subscription sales contract I wanted something fun that you could sit a person down at and teach them how to ask for a sale, how to handle an objection, and then how to close after doing that. Also, I wanted to have some motivating. So I used my background in sales, magic, and video to edit a series of three tapes. I used these tapes myself and I guarantee your people will increase sales after viewing this. They will pay for themselves. In 15 to 45 minutes your new people are ready to sell. I also made a video of a motivational talk I give sales teams of many types of companies. You get all for $49.95 total cost. You can send check in mail, or pay by check or credit card the next page, on a secure encrypted server.
Allow 2-3 weeks for tape dubbing and shipping. "
Have a magic day, Magic Mike Berger
Click Here To Order. Discounts for additional copies.
You may not copy for other outlets.

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