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TRAVEL LINKS by Magic Mike
Total vacation information, guides, parks, cruises, golf, and health clubs. Discount booking.
Travel offices, flight status, and map information. Hotel and car rental, and trains.
Satellite pictures, weather information.

See any USA airline flight status - airspeed, altitude, and it's progress on the map. You are waiting at home to go to the airport to pick someone up. Where is their plane right now? Is it on time? This handy site saves you some headache.
Microsoft TerraServer - See satellite photos and maps of anywhere. Zoom in.
Interactive Global Geostationary Weather Satellite Images.
Expedia. Travel, air, hotel, and car booking at discount rates.
Travel Offices of the World. -
Airlines of the World. -
Car rentals of the World. -
Hotels. -
Trains of the World. -
Travel Books and Guides. -
National parks. -
Crusies. -
Health Clubs. -
Europe Travel Links. -
Netscape Travel. -
Yahoo Travel. -
Excite Travel. -
PGA Tour Golf Travel. -
Tradeshow Travel Arrangements.