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Greetings from Harpman Hatter,
Being a street musician in Spokane is not easy.
I myself have a place to play most of the time, its in front of a store called Macy's which embraces the First Amendment. This is the positive side of playing there. The negative side, is when someone else is in that spot, I must go somewhere else to play, and thus be harrassed by some security person. I have a license that will expire in May. I will not get another, No noisy devices or shouting to call people to you? Thats the regulation, what does a Street Entertainer do? Are we not loud, do we not use noisy devices, do we not attract people to come our way with our voices and shouts? Thus one of the First Amendment Violations is in the License/Permit itself. And of course the Park Department over here in Spokane says if you are soliciting you cannot perform here in the park!
Is that another blatant statement against the First Amendment. The vendors license by the way even violates a venders first amendment right. Should not a vender also be able to call with their voice or device attention to their wares?
take care folks. Stand up for the rights of the people of United States of America.
Rick Harpman Hatter

Admin reply: Thanks for your input!
Edmund Burke said all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Do not allow evil to triumph. Do not do sit by and do nothing.
Security guards, NOT knowing the law about what is public property and what is private snd what is expression and what is vending usually try to represent a legal option that is erroneous. You can wait until they contact police, explain to the police that the guard doesn't know what is legal or public and ask the police to let you know what he wants and that you will comply with his request to leave if he thinks he is on legal grounds, but if it turns out that HE acts erroneously too, that after you are told to leave by a valid city police employee of the City, you might have to name him as a defendant in a Federal Bill of Rights suit against the City. Get all names and dates, keep a log of all contact.
Please help my case with any donations you can. I am setting precedent. Also I hope everyone enters this guestbook and state facts. I must ok entries.

10/15/2003     Michael Orford    
Subject 5 minutes...
Very impressive invisible card trick. Best use of five minutes that I have had in a long time.
9/30/2003     marie and mike    
i thought that this a really hilarious site and it made my day
8/28/2003     ice    
Subject The site and googlewha
The site was great did youknow that if you type in zoophyte millisecond you get this site? it is a called a googlewhack if you want more info type in googlewhacking at your search engine
7/23/2003     Karin    
Subject Great site
Love the pics!! I've used many for wallpaper and the quality is super. Thanks!
6/6/2003     Magic Mike    
Subject RE:Stress, Dave W.
Dave, I HAVE stress at my Stress Relief and desktop toys page, Glad you like the site. Tell friends and come back daily for new stuff I add for everyone to enjoy or ponder. - Magic Mike
6/5/2003     dave_w    
Subject good site
3/19/2003     Best Friends Forever    
Subject COOL
This site is the coolest it is also very fun to read all the jokes!!! Cool I am in a guest book!!
2/24/2003     Magic Mike    
Subject Responding: The REAL M
haha Thanks for stopping by my site. Too bad you didn't leave your email address of your site address in Germany. As for who is the real MagicM, I have been Magic Mike since June 1975, when a girl referred to me as Magic Mike, when she was trying to tell her girlfriend WHICH "Mike" she was talking about. In July at my next FM dj in Eugene, Oregon I decided to use Magic Mike as my DJ and Magician name. I'm glad you liked my site. Thanks, Magic Mike Berger
2/22/2003     obar75 / pos    
hello i make this time a internet-tour and find your homepage..greetings from germany.. OBAR75 OBAR75 OBAR75 p.o.s. crew peace 2: MAGIC M da real master
2/22/2003     MagicM    
Subject The real magicM.
Greetings from the real real MagicM - Germany.... Drop Bush, not a bomb.. MagicM MagicM MagicM
2/9/2003     Magic man    
Subject Magic
Loved your website. God Bless You
1/14/2003     David McCaffrey    
Subject You
People like you are what the true community of the Internet is about. Thru u I have found some of the most wonderful paintings in the world. I write rubbish poetry which I dar'nt put on the IN but you have done it with your amazing stuff and made a great deal of happiness. Well done. David from the DisUnited Kingdom in Cornwall
12/27/2002     Hermit Crab    
Subject  Tip
Don't take any wooden Nickles
10/21/2002     Barbara Quimba    
Subject Dalai Lama
I found your site browsing for more information on the Dalai Lama's teachings. I have been practicing with the Shambhala meditation group in San Diego and want to see if there is a center that stresses the Dalai Lama's teachings nearby. I found your site and was excited to read about your esp and the Dalai Lama. I have weak esp and had out-of-body experiences, but am only a child in them and not able to do much. I love magic and am an artist. Can I help you in any way?
10/9/2002     Pam    
Subject stress relief game
Comments grandkids have enjoyed your game "stress releif". We had lost it but was sent your address, so we will download it & they will be happy to see it again...Thanks Grandma!
9/30/2002     Pam    
Subject your recipe page
Great website! I started to print out a few things but there were too many Thousands Of Great Recipes. I'm sending this site to all my cooking buddies. Hope to have time to look at your other sites soon.
9/29/2002     SquezeToy    
Subject site
pretty nicesite, have to go more in depth thru it :)
9/17/2002     keisha    
Subject blood disorders
keep up the good work on the information
9/3/2002     austin    
Subject site
i love your site.
8/18/2002     nick popescu    
Subject sports
i like it...
8/14/2002     Magic Mike    
Subject Re: George
hahaha George. Hallelujah, bum again.
8/13/2002     George    
Subject Panhandling
Hallelujah your a bum
7/23/2002     dixie paradise    
Subject you do a good thing
thank you was a bad day you made it almost better
7/20/2002     dixie    
Subject your guest book
great site...thank you
6/28/2002     Des    
Subject Wallpaper Desktops
I wanted a really outstanding desktop of Edward Hopper's Nighthawks. This site gave it to me VERY clear.
5/20/2002     *-*Unknown*-*    
Subject music
U need rap in ur music
5/16/2002     James Weaver    
Subject tie trick
Mike, I just bought the tie trick. That is quite amazing. I am trying to do this as a youth activity - it should be fun. Thanks Jim Weaver 8K Science Kadena Middle School, Okinowa, Japan
5/4/2002     Charlene vdK    
Love your site. The best part of your site that I like are all the desktop pics you have.
4/10/2002     Andrew C Stewart    
Subject Outstanding
Great website, Great images, Great info, things are just great.
4/8/2002     UNKNOWN    
Subject I like bacon...
...and chicken, and jam along with a sidedish of pasta that has gravy on it!
4/7/2002     Lader    
Subject Visit me
Hi Biker! Look at my nice Page for Biker and sign in the guestbook.html. In german: "Gästebuch" Thanx for visit
3/5/2002     Mary    
How can you just print some of these and enlarge the pictures and sayings. Great site though.
2/24/2002     tracie    
Subject all photos
enjoyed thank you.
2/15/2002     Geoffrey Gray    
Subject Hits
Congratulations on reaching 2,000,000 and beyond!
2/12/2002     Mike    
Subject uh huh
sup mike, hows it goin over there. well i hope ur havin fun doin all of ur magic and stuff.
1/26/2002     marianne    
this is a wonderful creation. i am a teacher & put a daily quote outside my classroom everyday. i have found so many wonderful & inspirational things to share with my students/colleauges....thank you!
1/25/2002     tiffany c.    
Subject cool
i liked your site...its of luck in the future,tiff c.
1/13/2002     Harold Daugherty    
Subject Magic
I sure did enjoy your Magic. I hope i can get a catalog from you.
12/31/2001     david tomilenko    
Subject hello
thanks for the GO stuff
12/2/2001     steve pearson    
Subject first time
i loved your jokes
11/30/2001     Geoffrey Gray    
Subject Web Site
Hope this pleases you as it certainly does me. Happy Go playing ^_^
11/30/2001     Geoffrey Gray    
Subject Web Page
Looks great
11/26/2001     karen    
Subject funny photos
You made my day with some of these photos My favourite is No 13. keep up the great work & merry christmas & happy new year.
11/25/2001     Robert and James    
Subject kool stress
i like the stress relif thing its good thx bye bye
11/19/2001     j condon    
Subject chgo1945 & go
like ur site. easy to read and find out what u r about!!!!
11/2/2001     jason    
good site
Subject Thanks
Cool site, I love it.
7/18/2001     mariechastity    
Subject thank you ...
... this is a great page. I love the photos, the jokes, the inspirations. I shall come back often and recommand it to all my friends. A big hug from Germany to wherever you are, Mike.
6/18/2001     Ivan    
Subject wind-power
Enjoyed the article on Wind power- frightening- thousands die in Chinese mines very year ? this is the 21st century ! Take care Ivan
6/4/2001     Nancy    
Subject dolphins
Hi Mike, been enjoying the jokes, pictures, etc for a little over a year now - thanks. Today's about the smart dolphins training humans made me grin. Seymourkitty is grinning too - dolphins ALMOST as smart as cats - humans been giving cats fish for 1000s of years and unlike dolphins, cats don't have to get in water to make them do it! LOL and have a good one.
6/4/2001     J Murison    
Subject your letters and site
I appreciate the fact that some time you put out messages such as the three I recieved today. I am a Canadian but I too am not happy with election systems both in the U.S.A and in Canada. Thank you for these messages. If we are to maintian democracy in both our countries we must keep informed and fight for justice. I enjoy receiving your pictures , jokes and messages and look forward to receiving them . Thank you. J Murison
5/27/2001     David Clark    
Subject http://hillbillyplanet
You got a lot of really funny stuff on here. I like this site and plan to come back.
5/9/2001     Cindy    
Subject Re: Dignity after deat
My name is Cindy and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your mail. I have given your link to many of my friends. Take care. And thanks again. By the way I love cats. And the links you sent for the pics. I really enjoyed. :-) Cindy
5/9/2001     Tana    
Subject Re: Sunday sermon
This is so strange, the story you sent about the soldier is almost identical to a story my son had written for his High School play, in Fullerton, California about 7 years ago. Although I hadn't thought of it in years, it brought back very precious memories. Thank You. Sincerely, Tana Shepherd
5/9/2001     Chad    
Subject Captain mike
Hay captain mike! I enjoy being on your e-mail list. The storys, jokes ,and quotes are always fun and touching. Like the one with the little girl thet passed away "close to the beech " There is always somthing new. All the different peoples stories makes me want to go out meet someone new just to talk with. If you don't know I'm the one that sent you that Gillan Anderson photo it was a joke for a frind I thought you mite like it to. Chad Wiggle
5/9/2001     Ivan    
Subject game
nice one mike enjoyed the game-we will have a rematch! best wishes Ivan from London
5/9/2001     Paul Stynsberg    
Subject excellent photos
I love your site. I'm sure I'll make good use of it. Thanks Paul Stynsberg
5/9/2001     robincam    
Subject Re: watered down drugs
outstanding article, Mike. thanks.
5/9/2001     Steve Martin    
Subject thanks
Thanks I enjoy your page. Steve
5/9/2001     David St. Albans    
Subject cool
I like the cut of your jib, Sir! No one ever talks around here, but I want to say I am keeping a clip file of all the wonderful stuff you are posting. So don't say I never did anything for ya! Seriously. You seem to be a cool guy. Thanks for posting and let's keep in touch. Tha Audience Is Listening. . .
5/9/2001     I think "I think," the    
Subject Stephen V. and Katheri
Kate and I mainly wrote to wish you and yours a healthy and happy new year. We also want to thank you for all your fun messages.
5/9/2001     Gary Davis    
Subject Re: Some art for you t
Hello Mike, And Happy New Year from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I should mention that your recent description of your snowy Christmas really got my season juices flowing. As an expatriate in equatorial Malaysia I admit that one of the things I miss most are the seasonal changes of North America. The sameness here seems to dull the senses to the life cycles that the seasons in the U.S. provide the metronome for. Since I lived for several years in Oregon I know how magical a snow can be especially during the holidays. Thanks for that description. Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year. Gary Davis Kuala Lumpur
5/9/2001     Jason and Marie    
Subject Re: Panorama Point
Today's list was very funny. You do a good job! Thanks for your work. Marie
5/9/2001     joke site    
Subject davidlong
Hey I like your site, its really funny! great job
5/9/2001     cybersorcerer    
Subject slideshow download
Hey,thanks for the webpage! I have spent hours looking for a free version of slideshow,yours is the only one I found! Everybody wants $20/$30 for the same thing. I really appreciate your help!
5/9/2001     C. Underwood    
Subject Re: Self
Todays picture, I think is one of your best! Thanks, again! C. Underwood