Penn State Alumni - Get The Adventures of Super Stater which aired at WDFM-FM 1968-1969

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Jul 26, 2014, MagicMike Berger wrote TO Phil Proctor of the Firesign Theatre (Nick Danger's Rocky Rococco):
"Did you and Melinda enjoyed my production. I was only 21 years old and we had very bad production facilities. 
That being said I tried to make Super Stater the most complicated sound production I could produce at that time."

"Oh yes. And it was great fun. Good work" - Phil
Melinda was at Penn State, but I didn't hear The Firesign Theatre until
a year later and didn't meet them until Bumbershoot 1982, in Seattle.

A weekly comedy cliffhanger radio show in 10 episodes about life at Penn State. The Adventures of SuperStater aired on WDFM every Saturday morning in 1969. It was written by DJ Mike Berger and each episode was topical with the news of the day and stories reported in The Collegian. The shows were performed by some of the volunteers of WDFM. The station didn't yet have a production room, so we taped it in the on-air control room when the station went off the air at midnight on Wednesday night, waiting to see the what had been in the news in the previous days. Writing started at 10:30PM, then production was planned and it took three hours to produce. There were 10 episodes originally however the final two episodes have not been found. If you have them let me know please.

Waves of Penn State nostalgia will sweep over you as you enjoy hearing this incredible radio series, bringing back all the memories of Penn State: the buildings, The Penn State Creamery, Ritenour Health Clinic, rumors of saltpeter in dorm food, the after hours curfew assistance, USG, Bellefonte, the Tyrone smell, the New College Diner, the OLD College Diner, and the Metzger Building, just to name a few!

The Adventures of Super Stater episode guide.

Episode 1 - “Sly Scintillating Solvent“ Hear entire episode. Then order the disk to hear the rest.
Peace marchers, burning draft cards, President Walker’s resignation, SDS, drinking games at Sigma Delta Sigma, “Inform-On-A-Friend”, Pattee Library, Pollack Road underpass, USG, After-Hours Curfew Service.

Episode 2 - “Mickeyed Thermometer”
Sackett Building, Obelisk Virgin Prophecy, Movie “Why Don’t Why Do It In The Road”, Ritenour Health Clinic, hospital food and bed charge, saltpeter, Metzger Building, Hammond Building maze.

Episode 3 - “Escape from Hammond Building”
Greasy spoon NCE, waitress Inept Annie, this station’s closed now, underground
X-rated newspaper, McKinley Garfield Water Tunnel, Bellefonte, Tyrone.

Episode 4 - “SuperStater In Love”
Bellefonte’s VD notoriety, East Halls FUB, streaker exhibitionists “See Me” slogan, Looney-Toon Cab Company, Vice President for Student Affairs Lewis, “below the moral tone”, Hot Mush Club.

Episode 5 - “Busted for Bootlegging”
Prexy Poll, The My Tavern, LCB raids, Lion’s Den, illegal to sell Water Tunnel X-rated newspaper, Old Main Protest Kit, “If it gives you pleasure do it”, “Cuba Si, Yankee No”, Collegian issue banned.

Episode 6 – “Selling To Dirty Miners”
Preliminary Hearing for selling obscene material, Justifier of the Peace , Board Of Trustees Game, State Senate Appropriation Committee Game, protesting protesters, Greeks and Geeks.

Episode 7 - “The Heck with the First Amendment”
Governor’s meeting with student leaders in HUB, Senate Bill 227, Injunction Game, W22, “Spiro Who?”, Parking Lot 80, gymkhana auto race,

Episode 8 - “Kaptain Kangaroo Kourt”
Special Judiciary Board, Labor Mediator Game, Elmer Rudd, Pattee Bomb Shelter, the obelisk stays up, elsewhere elsewhere, elsewhere.

A lot was going on at Penn State in 1969. The Vietnam War for one, and many people had strong emotions. There were protests. There was conflict between Greeks and non-fraternity students, but everyone enjoyed the frat rush parties. Remember those drinking games? An X-rated underground paper called The Garfield Thomas Water Tunnel was banned. There were demonstrations about the real GTWT testing the Navy's Mark48 torpedos for the Vietnam War, and a sit-in at Old Main.There were many common everyday problems like trying to get around campus, from East Halls to a 8am class in Hammond Building, on the right floor on time, And, dealing with the underpass under Pollack Road, It's all reflected in these shows. Some Penn State students probably grew up and became part of the establishment by becoming a DUI lawyer Columbus or a Philadelphia doctor, but there is no denying the turbulent times of the late 60's at Penn State.

Order your copy of The Adventures of SuperStater right now. Penn State radio has been a stepping stone for students to gain such valuable expeerience that it produced students that went on to be leaders in broadcasting, journalism, and advertising. It's Penn State alumni became Vice Presidents of NBC, Westinghouse Broadcasting, Promotion Directors of NBC, producers of Today Show, and Chief Engineers of HBO and Showtime, a communication engineer at NASA, just to mention a small few.
Tell all your alumni friends. Just $12.00, plus $5.00 shipping and handling. You'll enjoying the memories.

Thanks to the many players who came to WDFM to produce this on Wednesdays nights at midnight until we finished around 3am or 4am because the players had to wait for the audio effects to be recorded after the station went of the air at midnight since the station didn't have a production room then

Biggest thanks to George Werl who played some characters and saved copies of the tapes, keeping them from extinction. Giant thanks to Nick Dubil who was the narrator. And huge thanks to Dave Talmas who was each week's commercial announcer. Grandiose kudos to Al Dunning, who played many characters and including the announcer reading the nominations for the SuperStater Secret Message. Thanks to John Molnar, Paul Heimbach, Joannie Kalejta, Dave Gill, Joe Berwanger, Harry Gahagan, Cliff Leahey and others I can't remember yet. If you were in one let me know.

And thanks to Don Roy King, who first conceptualized Super Stater as a class project in 1968. Don wrote it and I produced the audio. Don has been the Director of Saturday Night Live since 2006, after being the Director of Survivors.

You can send checks or US Postal money oders to Michael Berger 747 N 135th St #227 Seattle 98133, Wa.