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Photo links 65
Web's Best Photo and Art Links
From Magic Mike
My collection of recommended links to photos of the best Hubble Space Telescope photos and other NASA photos, incredible landscape photos, scenic wonders, wildlife animal photos, AND the Renaissance Art Masters, art work of the 10th through 20th Centuries from World Museums.
These photos are links, to sites owned by other people, for private viewing, not for commercial use.

Visitors' Galaxy Gallery Credit: Courtesy Adam Block (KPNO Visitor Program), NOAO, NSF - Explanation: A tantalizing assortment of island universes is assembled here. From top left to bottom right are the lovely but distant galaxies M61, NGC 4449, NGC 4725, NGC 5068, NGC 5247, and NGC 5775/5774. Most are spiral galaxies more or less like our own Milky Way. The color images reveal distinct pink patches marking the glowing hydrogen gas clouds in star forming regions along the graceful spiral arms. While Virgo cluster galaxy M61 is perhaps the most striking of these spirals, the interesting galaxy pair NGC 5775/5774 neatly contrasts the characteristic spiral edge-on and face-on appearance. The one exception to this parade of photogenic spiral galaxies is the small and relatively close irregular galaxy NGC 4449 (top middle). Similar to the Large Magellanic Cloud, companion galaxy to the Milky Way, NGC 4449 also sports young blue star clusters and pink star forming regions. All the galaxies in this gallery were imaged with a small (16 inch diameter) reflecting telescope and digital camera by public participants in the Kitt Peak National Observatory Visitor Center's Advanced Observing Program. Authors & editors: Robert Nemiroff (MTU) & Jerry Bonnell (USRA) NASA Technical Rep.: Jay Norris. Specific rights apply. LHEA at NASA/ GSFC & Michigan Tech. U.
360° Tour Prague's Old Town Square Czech Republic. City of one hundred spires: You are standing in Prague's Old Town Square, where decorative rooftops and spires top the 14th-century buildings around you. Cobblestones underfoot have felt the cart wheels of medieval merchants, treads of Soviet tanks, and footsteps of independence-era revelers. Now travelers are rediscovering Prague, a charming eastern European city unique for its rich architectural legacy and optimistic outlook. Expedia.
Hai (Shark) Germany | 19:59 Comedy Extreme International.
Synopsis: Finishing dinner in a nearly empty restaurant, the waiter wants to kick this lonely diner out to make room for a private party. He doesn't want to go out into the rain, so he says he'll leave when the first guests arrive. He orders coffee, puts some cream in it, and that's when things go haywire! He sees a shark in his coffee. It's gotta be the cream. Now he decides he needs to protect the patrons of the restaurant, while the waiter just wants to get rid of him.
NGC 2264: Stars, Dust, and Gas Credit & Copyright: Michael Bessell (RSAA, ANU), MSO - Explanation: The nebula surrounding bright star S Mon is filled with dark dust and glowing gas. The strange shapes that haunt this star forming region originate from fine interstellar dust reacting in complex ways to the energetic light and hot gas being expelled by the young stars. The above picture, in representative color, isolates the northern part of a greater nebula designated NGC 2264, which lies about 2500 light-years away and includes the Cone Nebula. The blue glow directly surrounding S Mon results from reflection, where neighboring dust reflects light from the bright star. The more diffuse red glow results from emission, where starlight ionizes hydrogen gas. Pink areas are lit by a combination of the two processes. A small group of stars surrounds S Mon, the brightest star in the picture and a star visible with the naked eye toward the constellation of Monoceros. Authors & editors: Robert Nemiroff (MTU) & Jerry Bonnell (USRA) NASA Technical Rep.: Jay Norris. Specific rights apply. LHEA at NASA/ GSFC & Michigan Tech. U.
360° Tour Florentine skyline Florence, Italy. This panoramic view of Florence seems little changed since the city's 15th-century glory days as a hotbed of the Italian Renaissance. No office towers compete with its magnificent cathedral dome, no modern bridges hurry across the slow Arno River. Rather, the city brims with art by Renaissance luminaries. Mopeds aside, Michelangelo might find himself right at home in this city that bears much of his artistic imprint. Expedia.
Sev Wars USA | 1:19 Action-Thriller Animation Collection Comedy Sci-Fi Synopsis: In this lampoon of your favorite prequel, The Franchise Menace gets the best of the citizens of Tatooine - and for that matter - Earth. No merchandising dollar is left unspent when the franchise calls the shots.
Space Shuttle Lifts Off for Space Station Credit: STS-100, NASA - Explanation: Last Thursday, Space Shuttle Endeavor lifted off on course for the latest round of building the International Space Station (ISS) in orbit around Earth. One of the highlights of the 11-day mission promises to be the installation of Canadarm2, a robotic arm that will assist in the future construction and utilization of the ISS. Canadarm2, a larger and more sophisticated version of the shuttle's own robotic arm, will be able to move around the station's exterior. This is the ninth shuttle mission to build the ISS -- many more are planned over the next several years. When completed, the ISS should enclose about the same room as the passenger cabin of a 747 jet.Authors & editors: Robert Nemiroff (MTU) & Jerry Bonnell (USRA) NASA Technical Rep.: Jay Norris. Specific rights apply. LHEA at NASA/ GSFC & Michigan Tech. U.
360° Tour Uluru (Ayers Rock) Outback Australia - Majestic monolith: Rising from the vast red desert of central Australia, Uluru (Ayers Rock) is without a doubt the country's most recognized landform. Held sacred by the indigenous Anangu people, Uluru and the nearby rock formations, Kata Tjuta (the Olgas), blend ancient culture with fascinating geology-a combination that makes Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park one of the country's most compelling sites.
Star Trak USA | 9:00 Action-Thriller Animation Collection Comedy Extreme Sci-Fi - Director: Roy T. Wood Principal Cast: Ray Waad. Synopsis: This claymated romp begins when Uranus threatens to pull the apart the Enterprise. The captain must keep her aloft amidst fifty-foot tractoroids, a sado-masochistic doctor, a sex-starved crew, and a pants-stealing Ken doll.
Last of the Storm, Crested Butte -
Made early in the morning in the valley just south of Crested Butte, this was our reward from clearing four inches of snow from our vehicle and getting going just after the snowploughs Had cleared the main roads. One minute there was just a solid grey, and then the sun peeped through and caught the flank of the mountain. Colorado High Country, David Henderson - PhotoTripUSA.
Short - Ireland | 10:00 Collection Comedy International Romance Women Auteurs - Director: Imogen Murphy Producer: Martina Niland Writer: Imogen Murphy Principal Cast: Alan Pentony, Lesley Conroy, Maclean Burke Synopsis Little Marty's father always told him, "If you find a person's flaw, you have them for life." However, there are two catches. First, Marty has to find that flawed person, and second, can that person ever look past his stunted stature? Fortunately, along comes Allison one day, followed by a hike on a local mountain and plenty of toast.
A Higher Dimensional Universe? Applet Credit & Copyright: Mark Newbold Explanation: Does our universe have higher but unusual spatial dimensions? This idea has been gaining popularity to help explain why vastly separated parts of our universe appear so similar, and why the geometry of our universe does not seem to result naturally from the amounts of matter it seems to contain. In a new incarnation of an old extra-dimensional idea, some astrophysicists hypothesize that we live in a universe dubbed Ekpyrotic, where our four dimensions (three spatial plus one time) resulted from the fiery collision of two four-dimensional spaces (branes) in a five-dimensional universe. This big-bang hypothesis is meant to compete with another big-bang hypothesis that our universe underwent a superluminal inflation event in the distant past, and does make distinct testable predictions. Above, a dynamic three-dimensional drawing (two spatial plus one time) of a four-dimensional depiction of a five-dimensional cube (a hypercube with four spatial dimensions is also known as a tesseract) is shown. Donning red-blue glasses will give the best multi-dimensional perspective. Authors & editors: Robert Nemiroff (MTU) & Jerry Bonnell (USRA) NASA Technical Rep.: Jay Norris. Specific rights apply. A service of: LHEA at NASA/ GSFC & Michigan Tech. U.
360° Tour Mayan city ruins Tikal, Guatemala City of echoes: You've ventured into the greatest of all Mayan cities-Tikal, deep in the Guatemalan jungle. Strolling across the Great Plaza, you can almost glimpse the Mayan priests and noblemen who ruled here a millennium ago. Gathering your breath, you climb the North Acropolis and gaze across the ruins of an imperial city whose majesty is matched only by the mystery of its fall. - Expedia.

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