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Web's Best Photo and Art Links
From Magic Mike

My collection of links to photos of the best Hubble Space Telescope photos and other NASA photos,
incredible landscapes, scenic wonders and wildlife animals,
AND Art Masters of the 10th through 20th Centuries from World Museums.
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Did you know that Earth has two moons? Mir and Luna! - APOD
Pathfinder - solar panel wings, and highest flyer propeller plane. - APOD
Monarch butterfly - long distance migrator. - Phil Greenspun, MIT
Sun Dance - swirls of different elements and temperatures - APOD
Kitty would prefer blood, than milk. jungle cat
Shapley 1: Planetary Nebula- APOD
Too cute cat Door #23 - SGI Cygnus Supernova Nebula - APOD
Flip flop frog kerplop drop
Lazin', lyin' lion - African Studies - Wildlife
White as rice, Rolls Royce - SGI
Amazing M65 In Leo - APOD
Black/Red Butterfly lazing on a leaf Phil Greenspun - MIT
Here's a desk for your desk. - SGI
Where should we put this desk? In Frank L Wright home? - SGI
That's a black faced vervet - African Studies - Wildlife
Horsehead Nebula - APOD
Matchbox originality -SGI
Ocean Crab - African Studies - Wildlife
Dwingeloo Galaxy - APOD
What's gnu? Can you say ... Infrared Orion? - APOD
Sungrazer comet - APOD
Sea Anemo- African Studies - Wildlife
Nice hat! Sombrero Galaxy. - APOD
Glass of wine - SGI
Coral reef - African Studies - Wildlife
Playful dolphins Tulip petals- SGI
Cat and fishbowl. Are you looking at ME!
Candles and mirror - SGI

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