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Photo links 64
Web's Best Photo and Art Links
From Magic Mike
My collection of recommended links to photos of the best Hubble Space Telescope photos and other NASA photos, incredible landscape photos, scenic wonders, wildlife animal photos, AND the Renaissance Art Masters, art work of the 10th through 20th Centuries from World Museums.
These photos are links, to sites owned by other people, for private viewing, not for commercial use.

Refresh and reload on your browser to see the newest links and not a cached page. Aspen Grove near Independence Pass - After two nearly fruitless dawns at Maroon Bells, we drove out of Aspen and recalled a promising grove we'd spotted a couple of days before in teeming rain. There was just enough light to produce a glow on the trees without excessive contrast, and this is one of my favourite shots from the trip. David Henderson, PhotoTripUSA.
360° Tour Along the River Thames London, England- Riverside London: You're standing on the north bank of the River Thames, the waterway that has been the lifeblood of London since ancient Roman times. Here, the Tower of London commands the waterfront with its medieval visage, while downstream the ornately spired Tower Bridge graces the Thames' Upper Pool. A boat ride from Tower Pier makes for a splendid way to see 2,000 years of this river-centered city's history. Expedia.
My Atom Films Recommendation "Baby Steps" USA | 25:00 Comedy Drama Gay and Lesbian Star Powered Director: Geoffrey Nauffts Producer: Jonathan Burkhart Writer: Geoffrey Nauffts Principal Cast: Ria Pavia, Geoffrey Nauffts, Kathy Bates Editor: Gary Winick -Synopsis As if adopting a child wasn't hard enough. Imagine the anxiety involved for a prospective parent trying to convince the lady across the desk that he's fit to rear a human being from bawling, diaper-soiling infancy to rebel-without-a-cause adolescence to adulthood. Now imagine him having to do all that while convincing the lady behind the desk that he's an ideal candidate for parenthood despite his homosexuality. If that's not arduous enough, imagine if the woman behind the desk was played by the ever-austere Kathy Bates.
Aspens Near Potato Lake.
- Old Lime Creek Road turns off the Million Dollar Highway south of Silverton and the decision to pass along it was whimsical, but we'd seen little to detain us in the drive north from Durango. Passing by a straggle of schoolkids who thumbed lifts in jest while their teachers disapproved, we stopped at this rare clear-cut with these nice trunks and just a hint of colour in the soft light. - David Henderson, PhotoTripUSA.
360° Tour of Mona Lisa Louvre Museum, Paris. You are standing near one of the most famous works of art in existence, the Mona Lisa. Leonardo's celebrated portrait of the woman with the cryptic smile hangs, fittingly, in one of the world's most visited art museums, the Louvre.Though she's its number-one celebrity, Mona Lisa is not the only masterpiece in this huge palace-turned-museum. Beyond her lie galleries full of the world's greatest art treasures. Expedia.
STS-1: First Shuttle Launch Credit: KSC, NASA - Explanation: On April 12, 1981, twenty years ago today, the Space Shuttle Columbia became the first shuttle to orbit the Earth. In this gorgeous time exposure, flood lights play on the Columbia and service structures (left) as it rests atop Complex 39's Pad A at Kennedy Space Center in preparation for first launch. Flown by Commander John W. Young and Pilot Robert L. Crippen, Colombia spent 2 days aloft on its check-out mission, STS-1, which ended in a smooth landing, airplane-style, at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Ferried back to Kennedy by a modified Boeing 747, Colombia was launched again seven months later on STS-2, becoming the first piloted reuseable orbiter. The oldest operating shuttle, Columbia's 1981 debut was followed by shuttles Challenger in 1982 (destroyed in 1986), Discovery in 1983, Atlantis in 1985, and Challenger's replacement Endeavour in 1991. This shuttle fleet has now accomplished over 100 orbital missions. Today also marks the 40th anniversary of the first human in space, Yuri Gagarin. Authors & editors: Robert Nemiroff (MTU) & Jerry Bonnell (USRA) NASA Technical Rep.: Jay Norris. Specific rights apply. A service of: LHEA at NASA/ GSFC & Michigan Tech. U.
360° Tour Cafés of Montmartre Paris, France. - As you stroll the Montmartre quarter of Paris, the delicious scent of fresh coffee draws you to a café at the Place du Tertre. Soon you'll explore this hilltop famous for its art. But for now you're content just to sit awhile. At this moment, you discover what the French have always known, the soul of Paris can be found in its cafés. - Expedia.
Large Sunspot Group AR 9393 Credit: MDI, SOHO, ESA, NASA - Explanation: The largest sunspot group of the past ten years crossed the surface of the Sun late last month and early this month. The group was designated Active Region 9393 as it was the 9393rd region identified since counting officially began in 1973. The number of active regions on the Sun is high recently because the Sun is reaching the maximum of its current 11-year cycle of magnetic activity. The above time-lapse sequence shows AR 9393 as it evolved from 27 March to April 2 to become over 10 times larger than our Earth. Just after the end of the movie, on April 2, AR 9393 unleashed the largest solar flare of the last 25 years. Luckily, the flare was not pointed toward the Earth, or flare particles might have damaged satellites or even caused local electrical blackouts. Yesterday morning, however, a less powerful flare was ejected from a different sunspot group (AR 9415) toward Earth that has already caused radio interference. This and solar activity from Monday should cause significan't aurorae over the next two nights. Will the above sunspot group remain as its region rotates back into view in a few days, or will it break up on the far side of the Sun? Currently, no one knows for sure. Authors & editors: Robert Nemiroff (MTU) & Jerry Bonnell (USRA) NASA Technical Rep.: Jay Norris. Specific rights apply. A service of: LHEA at NASA/ GSFC & Michigan Tech. U.
360° Tour Anasazi "great house" Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. For the past 700 years, more than a dozen "great houses" have lain empty at the bottom of remote Chaco Canyon in northwestern New Mexico. The sandstone dwellings were built by ancestors of the Pueblo people, known as the Anasazi ("enemy ancestors") to the Navajo. Today, scientists can only conjecture about the role of great houses such as Pueblo Bonito (at right) in Chaco's once-thriving culture. Expedia.
M51: The Whirlpool Galaxy in Dust and Stars Credit: N. Scoville (Caltech), T. Rector ( (NOAO) et al., Hubble Heritage Team, NASA - Explanation: The Whirlpool Galaxy is a classic spiral galaxy. At only 30 million light years distant and fully 60 thousand light years across, M51, also known as NGC 5194, is one of the brightest and most picturesque galaxies on the sky. The above image is a digital combination of a ground-based image from the 0.9-meter telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory and a space-based image from the Hubble Space Telescope highlighting sharp features normally too red to be seen. Anyone with a good pair of binoculars, however, can see this Whirlpool toward the constellation of Canes Venatici. M51 is a spiral galaxy of type Sc and is the dominant member of a whole group of galaxies. Astronomers speculate that M51's spiral structure is primarily due to its gravitational interaction with a smaller galaxy just off the top of this image. Authors & editors: Robert Nemiroff (MTU) & Jerry Bonnell (USRA) NASA Technical Rep.: Jay Norris. LHEA at NASA/ GSFC & Michigan Tech. U.
360° Tour In the Rocket Garden Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex - The past, present, and future of space travel surround you here at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. You can walk right up to the sentinels of space in the Rocket Garden, feel yourself transported into outer space in the twin IMAX theater, and meet an astronaut in person. Time your visit to witness the exhilaration of an actual launch. The weather's usually fine on Florida's Space Coast, an hour east of Orlando. - Expedia.
On the Origin of Gold Drawing
Credit: Stephan Rosswog (University of Leicester) et al., UKAFF - Explanation: Where did the gold in your jewelry originate? No one is completely sure. The relative average abundance in our Solar System appears higher than can be made in the early universe, in stars, and even in typical supernova explosions. Some astronomers now suggest that neutron-rich heavy elements such as gold might be most easily made in rare neutron-rich explosions such as the collision of neutron stars. Pictured above is a computer-animated frame depicting two neutron stars spiraling in toward each other, just before they collide. Since neutron star collisions are also suggested as the origin of gamma-ray bursts, it is possible that you already own a souvenir from one of the most powerful explosions in the universe. Authors & editors: Robert Nemiroff (MTU) & Jerry Bonnell (USRA) NASA Technical Rep.: Jay Norris. Specific rights apply. LHEA at NASA/ GSFC & Michigan Tech. U.
360° Tour - View from Glacier Point Yosemite N.P., California - Incomparable valley "No temple made with hands can compare with Yosemite," wrote John Muir in 1914. Gazing out from Glacier Point (7,214 feet), you begin to understand these words. Below, Yosemite Valley stretches out like a roofless cathedral, its walls marked with signature granite formations, its cliffs hung with waterfall sashes. Here in California's Sierra Nevada, "Nature ... gathered her choicest treasures," said Muir. - Expedia.
Aurora Over Clouds Credit & Copyright: Sigurdur H. Stefnisson - Explanation: Aurorae usually occur high above the clouds. The auroral glow is created when fast-moving particles ejected from the Sun impact air molecules high in the Earth's atmosphere. An oxygen molecule, for example, will glow in a green light when reacquiring an electron lost during a collision with a solar particle. The lowest part of an aurora will typically occur at 100 kilometers up, while most clouds usually exist only below about 10 kilometers. The relative heights of clouds and aurorae are shown clearly in the above picture from Iceland, where aurorae are relatively common. Over the past weekend, one of the largest sunspot groups ever recorded has been associated with explosive solar activity and expansive terrestrial aurora displays. Although in Earth's northern hemisphere aurorae are usually seen only in the far north, these aurorae were so prevalent they were imaged by a continuous nighttime camera operating in southern Arizona! Authors & editors: Robert Nemiroff (MTU) & Jerry Bonnell (USRA) NASA Technical Rep.: Jay Norris. Specific rights apply. A service of: LHEA at NASA/ GSFC & Mihigan Tech. U.
360° Tour Bourbon Street New Orleans, Louisiana - Bourbon Street Jazzy, sultry, hedonistic Bourbon Street reigns as musical grande dame in New Orleans's French Quarter. Named after one of Europe's aristocratic families, Bourbon evolved from a fashionable residential address for 18th-century Creoles to a seedy post-WWII haven for strip joints. Today it's an anything-goes, gustatory gumbo of a party 24 hours a day. Expedia.
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