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Photo links 18
Web's Best Photo and Art Links
From Magic Mike
My collection of links to photos of the best Hubble Space Telescope photos and other NASA photos,incredible landscapes, scenic wonders and wildlife animals, AND Art Masters of the 10th through 20th Centuries from World Museums.

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Apollo 12: Surveyor 3 and Intrepid Credit: Apollo 12, NASA (Image scanned by Kipp Teague) Explanation: On April 20, 1967, NASA's robot spacecraft Surveyor 3 landed on the moon, touching down on the inside slope of a small lunar crater in the Ocean of Storms. Over 2 1/2 years later, on November 19, 1969, the lunar module Intrepid, piloted by Apollo 12 astronauts Pete Conrad and Alan Bean, flew overhead and landed nearby. Intrepid is seen in the background of this striking high resolution picture of Surveyor 3. LHEA at NASA/ GSFC & Michigan Tech. U.
kokopelli pictograph, Frank Varnell - Neon Art gallery
Miranda, Chevron, and Alonso Credit: Voyager Project, JPL, NASA Explanation: The innermost of the larger Uranian moons, Miranda is almost 300 miles in diameter, a unique, bewildering variety of terrain leading some to suggest that it has been fractured up to 5 times during its evolution. LHEA at NASA/ GSFC & Michigan Tech. U.
Ganymede Mosaic Credit: Galileo Project, DLR, JPL, NASA Explanation: Ganymede, one of the four Galilean moons of Jupiter, is the largest moon in the Solar System. With a diameter of 5,260 kilometers it is even larger than planets Mercury and Pluto and just over three quarters the size of Mars. LHEA at NASA/ GSFC & Michigan Tech. U.
White Bengal Tiger - 640x480 800x600 1024x768, - Donovan Gutierrez, Snap-Shot
Reflection Nebula NGC 1435, Credit & Copyright: Yuugi Kitahara. Explanation: The Pleiades nebulosity is caused by a chance encounter between an open cluster of stars and a molecular cloud. LHEA at NASA/ GSFC & Michigan Tech. U.
Lake McDonald, - Early morning reflection charms visitors to Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park. Photo by Jeff Larsen / P-I, Seattle P-I Getaway Photo-ops.
Sunrise view of Mount Rainier as seen from Reflection Lake. Photo taken from the southern lake shore. Photo by: Lyn Topinka, October 1, 1987.
Mount Rainier - the center piece of the Pacific Northwest. Located 50 miles from Tacoma, it's peak is above sea-level. One of the most beautiful mountain peaks in Washington State it is the greatest single-peak glacial system in the united States.
A Milky-Way Band Credit & Copyright: John P. Gleason, Celestial Images Explanation: Most bright stars in our Milky Way Galaxy reside in a diskthat appear to us as a diffuse band that circles the sky. The panorama of a southern band of the Milky Way's disk was taken from Australia. Visible are many bright stars, dark dust lanes, red emission nebulae, blue reflection nebulae, and clusters of stars. In addition to all this matter that we can see, astronomers suspect there exists even more dark matter that we cannot see. LHEA at NASA/ GSFC & Michigan Tech. U.
Construction of International Space Station Begins (small version). Large version 1379k over 2500x2500 (Warning: WELL WORTH SEEING, However the large version is a very big file. Only save it if you have SmartSaver or PhotoShop or something to file memory 50% after saving to prevent out of memory error. I would recommend additional cropping.) Credit: STS-88 Shuttle Crew, NASA.
Move over Mir, here comes the International Space Station. In December 1998, the crew of Space Shuttle Endeavour started construction by joining the U.S.-built Unity node with the Russian-built Zarya module. A close look at the above IMAX(r) photograph will reveal two astronauts working on Unity.LHEA at NASA/ GSFC & Michigan Tech. U.
Mount Hood at Twilight, - At 11,239 feet, Mount Hood is Oregon's highest mountain. The elevation, and the relief (the difference in elevation between a mountain and its surroundings), makes Hood such an impressive peak. Pacific Northwest by Kerry L. Thalmann - PhotoTripUSA
NGC 1316: After Galaxies Collide Credit: C. Grillmair (IPAC/Caltech) et al., WFPC2, HST, NASA Astronomers turn detectives when trying to figure out the cause of unusual sites like NGC 1316. A preliminary inspection indicates that NGC 1316 is an enormous elliptical galaxy that started devouring a smaller spiral galaxy neighbor about 100 million years ago.
In the Center of 30 Doradus WFPC2, Hubble Space Telescope, NASA Composed of thousands of hot blue stars, some about 50 times more massive than our Sun, 30 Doradus and R136 lie in the LMC - a satellite galaxy to our own Milky Way Galaxy.

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