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Photo links 21
Web's Best Photo and Art Links
From Magic Mike

My collection of links to photos of the best Hubble Space Telescope photos and other NASA photos,
incredible landscapes, scenic wonders and wildlife animals,
AND Art Masters of the 10th through 20th Centuries from World Museums.

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Narrow Passage into The Wave, by Scott Walton - PhotoTripUSA
Reflections, The Wave, by Scott Walton - PhotoTripUSA
Coyote Buttes, below Top Rock, by Scott Walton - PhotoTripUSA
On the Crest of The Wave, by Scott Walton
On the Way to the Wave, by Kerry Thalmann- PhotoTripUSA
The Wave - Detail, by Kerry Thalmann - PhotoTripUSA
Sandstone Swirls #1, by Kerry Thalmann, - PhotoTripUSA
Rush Hour, - Gene Mezereny - PhotoTripUSA
Surfing, - Gene Mezereny - PhotoTripUSA
Leapfrog Rock and the Wave, - Gene Mezereny - PhotoTripUSA
Striation, - by Laurent Martres - PhotoTripUSA
Reflected Light, - by Laurent Martres - PhotoTripUSA
Wave Reflection , - by Laurent Martres - PhotoTripUSA
The Wave, from below Top Rock, by Laurent Martres - PhotoTripUSA
Spring, - A spring feeding the Colorado River, runs down a rock face, near Moab, UT.
-Landscape Abstracts - by Stephen Peterson - PhotoTripUSA
Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River; AZ, - Black & White Landscapes - by Scott Walton - PhotoTripUSA
Glacier Waterfall(640x480), (800x600), (1024x728), - Michael McGrath- SnapShot
Serenity, - Large white sandstone formations gleem in the sun in a slot canyon at Lake Powell, Utah. Photo was shot with a super wide-angle only 15 ft from the rocks. Unique Expressions, extraordinary digital landscapes by Steve Berlin, - PhotoTripUSA
Denizen of the Tarantula Nebula Credit: Hubble Heritage Team (AURA/ STScI/ NASA)
Explanation: The star cluster at lower right, cataloged as Hodge 301, is a denizen of the Tarantula Nebula. Tarantula is an energetic star forming region some 168,000 light-years distant in our neighboring galaxy the Large Magellanic Cloud. The stars within Hodge 301 formed together tens of millions of years ago and as the massive ones quickly exhaust their nuclear fuel they explode. In fact, the red giant stars of Hodge 301 are rapidly approaching this violent final phase of stellar evolution - known as a supernova. These supernova blasts send material and shock waves back into the nebular gas to create the Tarantula's glowing filaments also visible in this Hubble Space Telescope Heritage image. But these spectacular stellar death explosions signal star birth as well, as the blast waves condense gas and dust to ultimately form the next generation of stars inside the Tarantula Nebula. LHEA at NASA/ GSFC & Michigan Tech. U.
NGC 6334: The Bear Claw Nebula Credit: Kathleen Kraemer et al. (Boston U.), SPIREX Explanation: NGC 6334 is a cloud of gas and dust that appears to be forming massive stars. Current research indicates that the bright sources are very young and massive stars. These stars emit light so energetic and intense that it destroys fine grains of dust in their immediate vicinity, creating an abundance of ionized gas (depicted in red). LHEA at NASA/ GSFC & Michigan Tech. U.

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