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If you have a web site, join this, for free and get this free site that I am about to give you, then add a link to this new site from your site. You will make money every month.
At no cost to you. Ever!
If you don't have a web site, that's fine.

Your new site will be hosted by us at no cost to you, and just tell people the address of your new free site.
You are about to be introduced to the best Global Internet Business Opportunity. Cognigen Networks will allow you to make a part-time or full-time income right from your home, marketing top notch products and services using the most powerful global medium ever created: the Internet.
If you wish, you can also telemarket these services or visit businesses in your area, or make cards and flyers with your site's address. People just go to your page, see your great prices, and sign up online to be your customers.
Your comissions are paid continuously, every month they use these services! As a Cognigen Independent Representative, you will receive a free, fully automatic e-commerce site  marketing two dozen telecom services and electronic products. It is hosted on the Internet for you at no cost. This is all free!
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A list of the services is at the very bottom of this page.
You will be the agent for all those services, at no cost to you ever. You will not need to invest a single penny to get started! Anyone who finds your new site makes you money, because everyone uses these services and you have the best prices in town now. If you have a web site, put links on it to your new e-commerce site. If you don't have a web site, you can tell friends the address, make flyers, cards, or list it in search engines and directories. We can teach you lots of ways to promote your new, free telecomm store.You can start earning NOW! Sign up for free and your page will be on the web in minutes! They immediately email you the password into your e-commerce private manager site, and you will make money, so you need to enter valid information.

Earn Commission
Earn up to 12% commission for each new account you bring to any one of Cognigen's suite of services. Simply refer your visitors to your Cognigen page - and with every order we receive, you get paid! Also earn residual overrides and bonuses by personally sponsoring friends and associates into the program. Remember, it's FREE and IT WORKS! We have THOUSANDS of agents who earn substantial commission dollars each month.On monthly services, like long distance, cell phones, etc., your comission is paid every month!
Cognigen Offers:

.No yearly renewal fee!.No start-up fee!
.Great residual commission rates (6% to 12%) 
.Easy commission qualifying (4 active accounts)
.Generous Sales and Promotional Bonuses
.100% customizable, fully automated ecommerce web site
.Your site is hosted on the Internet for free
.Full Back Office Customer Usage Reports
.Online - real time wire transfer of commissions. No more 'check is in the mail'

How to sign up
If you don't want to give out your social security number during the sign-up, leave it blank and send it in when you start to have commissions due you.
Think of a couple more good ones if that is taken. Enter that name as your ID when you sign up. Don't make your ID meaningless letters or a nickname! Your ID is the one-word name of your business that will be put at the top of all 50 of pages of your free e-commerce site, and will be the last part of your site's address. Every sale has your id on it for credit. (Example: my ID is Phon4less and my site is called Phon4less and it's address is http://ld.net/?phon4less - Magic Mike.)
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Here is a list of the products and services that will earn you monthly, recurring income.
Long Distance Carriers
Capsule Communications (Nasdaq: CAPS) TTI
National Inc. (Nasdaq: WCOM)
PowerNetGlobal [Qwest]
Sprint (NYSE: FON)
Planet Earth Communications [Worldcom]
OPEX Communications [Frontier/Global Crossing]
Unitel Communications [Frontier/Global Crossing] International Telcom (ITL)

Conference Calling
Cognigen Switching Technologies (OTCBB: CGNW)

Bundled Services
TalkAmerica (Nasdaq: TALK) OneStar

Dial-Up ISP Service
CogniSurf - Powered by Broadwing (NYSE:BRW)
- Powered by Roadtel Communications

DSL/T1 Data Services
Speakeasy DSL
Sprint (NYSE: FON)
PowerNetGlobal Capsule
Communications (Nasdaq: CAPS) TTI
National Inc. (Nasdaq: WCOM)

Calling Card Providers
Cognigen Switching Technologies (OTCBB: CGNW) DeltaThree (Nasdaq: DDDC)Roadtel Communications
Acculinq Communications
USATEL Communications

Web Hosting Services
Extreme Programming, Inc.
Warp Speed Hosting

Satellite Television
DISH Network [Echostar] (Nasdaq: DISH)

Home Security Systems
Protect America, Inc.

Computer Hardware / Software
Ingram Mirco (NextDayPC)
Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT)
Intel (Nasdaq: INTC)
Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD)
Palm Pilot (Nasdaq: PALM)
Sony Corporation (NYSE: SNE)

Voice Messaging Providers
VoiceCom Communications (Nasdaq:PTEK)

Cellular Services
AT&T Wireless (NYSE: AWE)
Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ)
Sprint PCS (NYSE: PCS)
Alltel (NYSE: AT)

Paging Service
PageNet Communications (Nasdaq: ARCH)

International Calling Services
Cognigen Switching Technologies [Aquila] (OTCBB: CGNW) International Telcom (ITL)

Internet Telephony
Net2Phone (Nasdaq: NTOP)
DeltaThree (Nasdaq: DDDC)

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