Newspaper Sales Magic

Newspaper circulation managers and Independent Newspaper Sales Contractors! See how newspapers teach people how to sell a basic subscription, how to close to get more newspaper subscriptions than you get now. Learn how to handle objections about newspaper subscriptions. Use these techniques to sell and train newspaper sales contractor and newspaper subscription staff and newspaper subscription telemarketers.
Learn How To Sell
Learn How To Sell More.
Learn How To Sell More Than Anyone.

Here's the perfect sales training tool for you.
Sales training with a bit of magic for interest.

In 15 to 45 minutes your new people are ready to sell. As an excellent salesman, magician, with a background in media, Magic Mike has produced a fun and informative package of sales training videos, making it easier to train new people and those working.
Volumes 1, 2, and 3 are approx. 15 minutes. Volume 4 is 30 minutes.
Vol. 1 - How to close and handle objections. Best sales-close explained. Live objections & closes.
Vol. 2 - Sample Presentations from approach to close.
Vol. 3 - Sales Tips and advice in the car, on your way to sell for the day. Attitude!
Vol. 4 - How To Accomplish The Impossible - How to sell more than anyone.

Sales Magic Volumes #1, #2, #3, and #4
These tapes once sold for hundreds of dollars.
New technology allows these videos to now come on
CD or DVD for $29.95 +$5 S&H.
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Here's some sample clips from the four tapes.
How to close - from Volume 1 - What's the best way to close? -
mpg 1.6meg
Assumptive order blank close- from Volume 1 - Step by step with live closes - mpg 2.2meg
Newspaper tear & restore trick  - from Vol 1 -- Why sales is a performance - mpg 2.3meg

Sample Money Back Guarantee
- from Volume 2 - live store presentation -
mpg 2.1meg
I'll tie my tie one handed in 1 second
-  - from Vol.1 - To demonstrate what's possible
- mpg 973k

How to Handle Objections - text - 20 most common objections and answers. Volume 1 has 10
Timing in the presentation
-  -from Volume 3 - You must act, rehearse. -
mpg 1.4meg
Good career - from close of Newspaper Sales Magic Vol 1. - end of tape - mpg 1.2meg