Booking Agreement
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Thanks for considering me, Magic Mike, to put magic, wonder, and fun in your event.
I am looking forward to performing ____________ hours of wandering magic and balloon animals, flowers, hearts and hats. For a child or adult show Magic Mike's family rate is $150 for an hour of magic and balloon animals, For each additional hour add $100.Gas and travel time is 50 cents per mile round trip. Commercial business rate is $200 for the first hour. Multiple hours are in 45 minute sets with a 15 minute break.
Pay by credit card at

Their secure site never reveals your info. You may prepay entire amount, if you wish. Receipt to follow. For US Post Office mail, use the address at the bottom.

Event is from _______ to ________

Magic show starts at________ends at_______

on this date:____________

for a ____________________________________ party

at this address_______________________________________


the host's name is: ________________________

Host address if not the same ____________________________________

Host Phones: _______________________

Host Email ________________________

Total cost for hours:$ ________

magicmike at (active link format removed because of spammers)
Magic Mike Berger Seattle 98133, WA. 98133 206 632-7152