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When I saw these videos, I realized everyone needed to see them.
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Feds warn people will not survive the approaching superstorms if / when they happen.

Keep in mind, severe storms wash harmful chemicals into water supplies!
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The Home Project

"This movie has really changed my view on the world. I mean, I'm sure we all knew this stuff, but the amazing high definition angles and inspiring words really help shake things up in my mind. This is one of those movies where you wake up the next morning and see everything in a completely different way. I am no longer a working gear in a consumerist? machine, I am an awareness in a sea of human beings. With an equal love for life, and an equal goal of the survival of the species."
- Ron Colton 1 year ago
See this BBC documentary on Global Dimming

BBC Global Dimming
Low speed - 7 megs
BBC Global Dimming High speed - 124 megs
Flash Video Format Burning of fossil fuels is creating two global killer effects. Impacts of Global Dimming may have ready killed millions from famines in the Sahel in the 70s and 80s. Billions are likely to be affected in Asia from similar effect. As well as fossil fuel burning, airplane contrails is another source. Global Dimming is hiding the true power of Global Warming!! There are 10 years left to stop it or it's too late. Ice shelf melts flooding every coastal city! Rainforests burn from 10 degree temperature rise and drought adding more CO2. Methane trapped in oceans bottoms rises and surface in flames adding more hydrocarbons.  After 10 years it can't be stopped.
BBC Extinction Hall Of Shame as of 2005
Are we next?

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