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On-line Balloon Lessons with Magic Mike
Learn how to make $100-$150 an hour!

On-line, Private Lessons Using Cams and Yahoo Messenger. Magic Lessons, Balloon Lessons, and Marketing Lessons. How To Make Money Performing
Magic Mike teaches on-line how to performs magic or balloon animals
for children, adults, and businesses. Learn performing for fun or for a living.
This is gonna be fun!
People who do balloon animals make children happy. Even adults like them. You can ask $50 to $150 to come to a birthday party or business event. You can make $15 to $40 an hour just performing at fairs and high traffic locations with a hat or small box for tips. Most people will tip you $1 to $5 to make animals, flowers, hearts, or hats. I teach this in-depth in my marketing class. I guarantee you will learn how to make money every day, making $15-$30 an hour. You will be taught how to make a heart, flower, a variety of hats, parrot, turtle, alligator, elephant, mouse, fish, shark, whale, poodle, monkey bunny, puppy, weiner dog, snake, horse, pig, giraffe, swords, eagle, dinosaur, and mouse on a motorcycle. You schedule 4 private lessons with me. To start, write me and we will correspond so I can plan your class and schedule our time. When that is done, you pay 3 days before our scgeduled class.

You must have a microphone and web camera. To set up lesson appointments with me.
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