Magic Mike the Magician
Magic for Seattle Bellevue kids birthday party
Magic Mike the Magician as SpongeBob - Seattle-Bellevue Magic

Magic shows and balloon shows
$80 (schools and seniors, weekdays in Seattle) to $150 (outside Seattle)
Call me at 206-632-7152.

Penn State Alumni - Get The Adventures of Super Stater which aired at WDFM-FM 1968-1969

Dear Magic Mike,
Thank you for the fun time!  We really enjoyed the magic and balloons. The kids had a great time and were so excited with all your tricks.  It was especially nice that the young kids age 2-4 were able to enjoy the magic.  
You really made our 2 year old's birthday party special!

4 year old loves being a magic assistant with Magic Mike at birthday party.

Please use the phone for timely contacting 206 632-7152

Magic Mike the Magician, Seattle, Wa
Magic Mike the magician in SpongeBob costume for kid shows

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Magic Mike the magician
in King of Hearts costume for adult shows

magic salt
Magic Mike the magician at Seattle Center

poodle balloon animal
Magic Mike at
a Seattle birthday party

Magic Mike in
Seattle Times 1995

TV11BUMBERSHOOT1991.jpg Magic Mike Seattle Bumbershoot
on KSTW-TV Seattle 1991

KIROTV7SEATTLE1983.jpg Magic Mike on KIRO-TV Seattle 1980

Magic Mike on
Seattle KING-TV 1980

Magic Mike in
Seattle Weekly 1980

Magic Mike

MagicMike Eugene Magic Mike Eugene

Eugene Registe Guard 1979

Eugene Register Guard 1979

Eugene Register Guard 1979

Put Fun and Magic in your Seattle Bellevue area party. Magic for kids and adults of all age. Magic at Birthday parties, Magic at holiday parties, Magic for Xmas Christmas parties, Magic at corporate business parties and Trade Shows. The most fun a party ever had! At children magic shows Magic Mike the Magician discusses the importance of reading. Magic Mike the Magician tells kids all around Seattle that he learned magic when he was six years old by reading magic books from the library. Magic Mike the Magician tells children they can learn anything from reading, even how to do impossible things like magic, and encourages them to use the library and dictionaries. During the magic show, Magic Mike the Magician talks about magic tricks that were performed by magicians thru history as various things were invented, showing magic tricks from caveman magicians through today's magicians. After the magic show Magic Mike the Magician makes everyone balloon swords and animals and asks the children where the animals live and what they eat. All ages love watching balloon creations.

Watch a children's Party Video

Magic Mike Berger
Magic Mike the Magician

Magic Mike performs Chinese linking rings trick
Magic Mike
 has a magic bag


Magic Mike at Seattle Center

Click on these to see bigger photo or the video.

Magic Mike the Magician performs a magic show for any age or setting in Greater Seattle and Bellevue - Magic for kids, adults, seniors, retirement community, company events, corporate business, restaurants, taverns, picnics, holiday party.

Karen: For those of you who did not make it for our Movie Night with Magic Show Tuesday evening, all went SUPER GOOD! The Magic Show with Magic Mike was superb and we all enjoyed!! We really recommend your getting a chance to see his performance at some point....he is terrific and adept, and a nice person besides! He is available for Halloween events, also for birthday parties, any get-togethers, and he charges what you feel you can afford.
Mark: "enjoyed Magic Mike the magician at son's 6th birthday. wonderful for both kids & the adults!"
Jill: "All the adults had a great time. Thank you for a wonderful show! We don?t know how you did it!
Marie: " I thought that this is a really hilarious site and it made my day."
Karin:  "Great site. Love the pics! I've used many for wallpaper and the quality is super!"
Dixie:  "You do a good thing. thank you. It was a bad day. Your site made it almost better."
David:  "Thru your site I have found some of the most wonderful paintings in the world."
Pam:  "Great site! I started to print out a few things but there were too many Thousands Of Great Recipes."

The Lone Ranger and Magic Mike at Cable TV Trade Show
The Lone Ranger loved Magic Mike the magician's card tricks, Nat'l Cable TV Show - Las Vegas.
Andy Rooney 60 Minutes
Magic Mike the magician was on CBS "60 Minutes" with Andy Rooney in 1983.
Firesign theater
Magic Mike the magician performed for The Firesign Theater in their dressing room at Seattle Bumbershoot in 1985 again at their 25th Anniversary Reunion premier in Seattle
ken kesy
Ken Kesey, writer of One Flew Over The Cookoo's Nest and Sometimes A Great Notion, enjoyed Magic Mike the magician at many Oregon Country Fairs and became friends.

Magic Mike the Magician performed for The Lone Ranger (Clayton Moore) and a spectator a magic trick in Las Vegas at The National Cable TV Trade Show. Featured in TV news stories in cities throughout the West coast, Magic Mike the Magician also magically mesmerized Buckminster Fuller, Ken Kesey, Frank Herbert, Tom Robbins, The Firesign Theatre The Grateful Dead, Little Feat, The Marshall Tucker Band, Charlie Daniels, Arlo Guthrie, Heart, Leon Redbone, Tom Waits, The Robert Cray Band, Chuck Mangione, Freddy Hubbard, The Outlaws, Dr. John, Captain Beefheart, Commander Cody, Flying Karamazovs, Norman Durkee, The Amazing Avner, and the cast of Northern Exposure. Magic Mike the Magician was hired to entertain the press at the world premiers of "The Four Seasons," performing backstage for Alan Alda, and at "The Stuntman", performing for Steve Railsback and Barbara Hershey. Magic Mike the Magician met The Dalai Lama of Tibet at secret mind yoga teachings given in Seattle, Vancouver, Madison, Pasadena, Santa Monica, and San Jose.

Magic Mike the Magician's Past Clients: Boeing Computer Services (at the New York Computer Literacy Trade ShoMagic w, which resulted in a feature story in The Exhibit Reporter), Commodore Computers (Vegas Consumer Electronics   Show), Coke Foods (Houston sales promotion), Schleigal Corporation (Los Angeles National Computer Conference), The National Cable TV Association Show in Las Vegas and New Orleans (resulted in a feature in National Trade Show & Exhibit Manager), The National Satellite Show in Nashville, The Western Satellite Show in Reno, the Northeastern Pennsylvania Industrial Show, Pacific Northwest Hotel Hospitality Show, a national story in Compaq's Hardcopy Magazine, CBS 60 Minutes" with Andy Rooney who was lured to the booth from his demos at the New York Computer Showcase, U.S. Congressman Rod Chandler was lured to his client's booth at the Seattle Computer Showcase. Seattle's

Magic Mike Berger is one of the Northwest Magicians and balloonists that performs as a children's magician, kids magician, adults magician, business magician, corporate magician, birthday magician, restaurant magician, tavern magician, party magician, wedding magician, banquet magician, opening magician, special event magician, trade show magician. Magic Mike the Magician is fun and personable with children of all ages. Like many magicians, Magic Mike the Magician keeps people having fun. Magic Mike the Magician comes as Sponge Bob or in formal tux. Magic Mike the Magician is one of the magicians that has performed in the Greater Seattle, Bellevue, King County, Snohomish County and Pierce County areas since 1979.

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